Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Button Love

Pretend I'm at a concert doing my shout out:

This one goes out to all the babies out thereeeeeee! (get it? I'm singing in a microphone and I'm totally rocking the concert)

I need more buttons

When I spotted this little gem on Pinterest, I knew I had to make it! Although, I didn't think it was a project for my apartment. Instead, I wanted to make it for a nursery (or two..or three).

I didn't exactly follow the same directions as found on Spearmint Baby's tutorial. I improvised! I started with one of my a letter B for the my adorable nephew, Beckett.

This is my, "I hate sand" face

Using my Cricut, I cut out a giant letter B. Then, I started attacking it with buttons and more buttons and MORE BUTTONS. I started with spray adhesive, but it was making everything sticky (it's purpose I suppose). The buttons weren't sticking to the B. Instead they were sticking to me. Since I wasn't in the mood to wear a button dress, I switched gears.  I ended up using Fabric-Tac. I brushed parts onto the B and glued buttons upon buttons.

B is for Beckett

I placed the completed letters in a white 8x10 frame from Wally World. After Beckett's creation, I got a little crazy and made:

H is for Heet
A framed H for the adorable Heet twins!
P is for Piper
I also made a P for Molly and Josh's new baby girl, Piper!

Well, it's the end of my rock-baby concert and I'll close by saying...
Peace, love and chicken grease!


  1. Those are adorable!!! I'm totally locking that idea away for later!

  2. These are so cute! How did your necklaces turn out??

  3. These are precious! Love them... even better than your inspiration!



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