Sunday, July 10, 2011

Travel Bug!

Before my project, let's take a walk down memory lane.... (my favorite lane!)

I would give just about anything to be back in Europe right about NOW. Everything about being in London was fantastic. Three years later I am still mourning the country. Soon enough, I'll be back for a visit. Until then, here are some photos to reminisce with. 

for the HP fans out there. I didn't make it to Hogwarts. 

Cheeserolling. Totally normal sporting event. 

Gorgeous Ios, Greece
You get 'em, Grandma!
Final memory from being abroad: 

After leaving the Sistene Chapel, I asked my grandma, "What did think?"
She replied, "Eh.. I've seen better."

Needless to say after coming home from studying abroad I had many many maps. I was known for always asking directions (even though I had 5 maps in my purse). When I came home, I stuffed my maps, journals, and whatnot inside a tub that has been hiding in my closet since. 

I climbed into my closet and pulled out my tub of maps and memorabilia. As you can see below, I have many to choose from for my next project!

Thanks to my new love, Pinterest, I stumbled upon this product. I made my way to the link and realized that this heart/map craft was available to purchase. It was priced around 45 euros! That's luuudddaaa. I can make that home. So, I did. 

While catching up on the phone with Abby, I jetted over to Target and picked up a few white frames. 

Next, using my handy dandy Cricut I cut out a heart. This took several attempts to find the perfect size. Finally... I created my masterpiece!

You're looking at Italia!

Greece on the right, holla!

I was quite pleased the way my maps turned out. Plus, it was a great time for me to riffle through my London tub of memories. Hopefully mine will look shabby on my wall just like the for sale items!

Over and out!

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  1. love this craft so much! and that platform 9 3/4 pic! and you!


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