Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Job Market is Officially Open!

2015 Update! Access the Job Application HERE via Google Docs. 
My first year of teaching, I utilized classroom jobs and I loved them! My problem was, on Monday morning I would often forget to switch the jobs around and I didn't have a systematic approach to recording who had what job. It was a hot mess. Last year, I stuck to one job and one job only: a Captain. This job was great but at the end of the day I was a broken record constantly reminding students to do this and that. 

This year, I'm changing things around! I've been piddling around with a classroom job application for a month or so but thanks to Mrs. Poland at Think, Wonder, Teach and her post about classroom jobs.. I got a jump of motivation! 

Before school ended, I got a little crafty and made an "iHelp" job board/phone. At the time, I was wondering what jobs would fit into that phone. Now I've got all the pieces to make this job system work!

 Classroom Job Descriptions

Captain: Each student will serve as the class captain for one week at a time. The captain’s duties are as follows:
·      Lead the class line down the hallway.
·      Send messages, lunch count, and notes to the office every morning.
Close the day with our afternoon meetings

Student Ambassador (two): Ambassadors will be in charge of introducing new students to the Upper Elementary.
         *This job lasts the entire school year.

Accountant: The accountant will tally up pod points at the end of the week and announce the “cushion winner!”

Librarian: The Librarian checks the room for stray books, straightens the fiction and nonfiction shelves, and checks to make sure all books are in ABC order.

Computer Technician: The computer tech is responsible for turning on the computers and logging them into the eMINTS network. At the conclusion of the day, the tech turns off the computers and hangs the mouse over the monitor.

Assignment Sorter: Puts all collected assignments in student number order, paper clips together, and places them on Ms. Furnell’s desk. The assignment sorter marks off who brought their homework from a list and places no name papers on the “No Name” board.

Postal Clerk: Delivers graded work and other items to student mailboxes daily.

Custodian: The Custodian is responsible for checking the floors and tabletops (desks and shared work areas) at the conclusion of the day for trash. The Custodian takes the recycling to the recycling bin when necessary.

Board Cleaner: The Board Cleaner is in charge of wiping down the white board at the end of the day. Remember to check with Ms. Furnell on what to erase and what to keep!

Scheduler: The scheduler changes the calendar at the end of each day to reflect tomorrow’s events and

Pencil Sharpener:  The Sharpener makes sure there are enough sharpened pencil in the “sharp” bucket. Reminds peers to return any borrowed pencils and replaces dull pencils. 

Now, here is the fun part! Students will have to apply for their job. Instead of me panicking every Monday morning about who had what job, I'm taking a step back. Students will keep their job for an entire quarter. At the conclusion of the quarter, I'll hand out applications and let students apply for new or different jobs. 

If you would like to have a copy of my job application in a word document, email me [jordon.furnell@gmail.com]. I would be more than happy to send it you way so you can edit and modify the jobs to meet your classroom's needs. 

Now, I should probably get out of my pajamas and get ready for book club! 


  1. Ahhh! Thank you so much for sharing my post!! I am so glad that I was able to help you with that. I still need to make my job board but I love your "ihelp" phone! =) To cute!! I will add it to my list of possible ideas. I have so much I would love to do and so little space!!

    Think, Wonder, & Teach

  2. Your jobs are great!! I found the post you did at the beginning of the summer with your helper chart and made one for my classroom!! It was too cute of an idea to pass up!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I must tell you, I am a little bit in love with your blog! You have so many great, unique ideas!! I just emailed you about the job application printable. I am a 5th grade teacher as well, can't wait to read and learn more :)

  4. I love your collection of classroom jobs.

  5. Love the job application idea. What is your cushion winner all about??


  6. Jordan, do you still happen to have the job application available? I e-mailed you a few weeks ago to see if I could get it :) bgovier@sikeston.k12.mo.us

  7. How did you make this awesome ihelp board? Detailsplease!

  8. Hey Jordon! Love, love, love yiur blog and all your creative ideas! You're iHelp class jibs is the best age appropriate one I've seen for middle schoolers and looking forward to making this for my classroom. Can you please share supplies needed and how you created it? Thanks so much for sharing!



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