Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bob the Builder

Fact: I am not a very handy person. Today, Bob the Builder and Handy Manny must have joined forces and given me some of their power. Not only did I assemble a book shelf... I also hung curtain rods. This was a truly memorable day!

Fact #2: I never thought I would ever purchase a peg board and use it ...ever.

Boy was I wrong!

Thanks to Pinterest I've realized that handy men aren't the only ones that get to use peg boards.

Jewelry Storage, Pinterest
For the garage!
Now that's fancy storage!

Water fun for kiddos
Craft Storage
See what I mean? The possibilites are endless! Then, I stumbled upon this photo and was intrigued....

Design Sponge gives a more detailed how-to on their site, which is where my inspiration came from!

So, my next project was underway. I headed to Menards and purchased peg board, paint, and boards. I was so excited about my purchase I even took a photo of it while shopping. (I don't belong in a hardware store)


Before: booooooo

After: ahhhhhhhhh
After a few coats of paint, my peg board was a beautiful green masterpiece! Sadly, my board had to sit around and wait for me to move and get settled.

Finally! Today, with the help of my landlords, my peg board has found its new home in my kitchen. It's a bright splash of green in a white-walled area. Fancy, eh?

thanks to alissa I have a homemade lunch box and apron to display!
view from the living room
my cozy, bright, and crafted kitchen!
Thanks to this project my stereotype of peg boards has been broken. Who knows? Maybe I'll find myself in a hardware store again sometime soon.

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