Thursday, July 28, 2011

Stellar Scientists!

I've got bulletin boards on the brain! Today, I met with a fellow 5th grade teacher for lunch and school-chat. My brain was extremely overloaded, overwhelmed, and excited! I literally came home and laid on my bed and debriefed mentally. After putting on my comfy sweatpants, I busted out the Cricut machine.

We all know how important (and beneficial) it is to display student work. Last year, I had frames hanging outside of my classroom under the title, "Frameworthy Work". When students would do well on an assignment or test, I would let them hang their work in our frames outside. The frames were a little too tall, so I ended up having to help them... but you get the idea! Several times when I would hang our recent projects in the hallway, I would give myself a headache because the students would swarm around the projects and chatter. I don't do "chatting" in the hallway. BUT! It was best for the kids. :)

This year, I decided to hang frames again for student work (in a future post!) Then, Emily suggested I use one of my bulletin boards for student work! Ta-daaaaaaaaaaa! My next project was born.

But first, here are some great ideas to display student work that I have found on the internet.

Clipboards for each kiddo. Check it out here

Bravo board! You will swoon after everything The First Grade Parade posts on her blog.

Clothespins with mini chalkboards available on Etsy. You could totally make these! Just like...

With clothespins in mind, I kept searching. I had clothespins and lucky for me I found this!

Factory Direct Craft gives a pretty great tutorial on how to make your clothespins fancy-fied. 

Using Mod Podge, scrapbook paper, crusty clothespins from last school year, and buttons I created my bulletin board. 

Use your imagination! I have yet to make it into my classroom, so this is a preview of what will soon be hanging in my classroom. 

It's 10:00! You know what that means.. HIMYM is on Lifetime. 

Wait, why is Dance Moms on? I don't approve. 


  1. Love it Jordon! Have been considering going the clipboard route but not sure the best way to mount them...your clothespins are too cute.
    & you know I love me some HIMYM, but gotta say the Dance Mom cattiness was kinda intriguing. Maybe because I could relate from my dancing days.

    1. My classroom has (painted) cinderblock walls, and I mounted my clipboards with 3M Command adhesive poster strips. They stayed put for the whole year but did not pull off the paint when I moved them to my new classroom.


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