Monday, July 11, 2011

Supermodel Documentary HOUR!

Can anyone name that movie? I hope so! It's Superstar starring the one and only Mary Katherine Gallagher.

Go drink a bottle of yourself!

I decided to turn a lamp into a supermodel today and give it a little facelift. This was a multi-stop process because it all started while skyping with Ali Pitt last night. While skyping, I was cleaning out my closet. This led me to Goodwill this morning. While browsing Goodwill, I found a poor little lamp in need of a makeover. I felt like Stacy London on What Not to Wear. It was my mission to help this lamp!

Lucky for me the "Ucreate" project this month is Lamp Makeovers. Now, I had two reasons to put off packing my apartment:
1. Help a poor defenseless and abandoned lamp
2. Participate in Ucreate's online project! If you know me.. you know I love to participate.

Here are some great links that feature lamp makeovers:

That lamp looks chilly.

Meet my $9.00 ivy leaf lamp:

She's a beaut!
First, I started with painting the base of the lamp an ivory color. This took several coats. While I was letting each layer dry I began cutting my fabric. I bought a few pieces of great canvas at JoAnn's 50% PLUS an additional 15% off.. So I was pumped.

What do ya know? I ran into a road block. For some reason, I am not physically able to "roll" my lamp shade and cut out fabric. I attempted this several times and got extremely frustrated. I gave up for awhile and made something else.

Stay with me.. my brain is all over the place. I've been in love with "Style Tiles" from Pottery Barn after seeing them in a friend's home. Although, I can't stomach spending $400 right now to have them in my apartment. Considering my funds are low.... I decided to create my own!
PB Style

Cork before....

Stylin' after!
To start my own style tiles.. I covered cork board with fabric. Ta-daaa! Step one complete.

Back to my lamp. 

I ditched the orignal lampshade that came with my lamp. Instead, I used a "drum" lampshade that was hanging out on another lamp. I viciously ripped the drum lampshade from its home and started covering it with fabric.

shame on you shade, SHAME!
Would Mary McDonald approve?
Overall, this wouldn't have taken me 3 hours if I would have used the easier lamp shade. Lesson learned for next time.

Until then, lamps beware! I've got a lot of fabric and I'm not afraid to use it.


  1. Look at you! That looks fantastic! Mary would SO approve (Catherine Gallagher and McDonald, of course!)

  2. Love the fabric! The lamp is now full of energy (ha ha, I crack me up).


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