Friday, June 29, 2012

Fiction Friday with The Teaching Thief!

I am linking up with Amanda over at The Teaching Thief to share one of my favorite fiction books to read with my kids.

This year, I was introduced to Roland Smith. He is an incredible author. His library of books ranges from picture books to chapter books. Since I teach science, I was very excited to hear about his Storm Runners series. My students and I were on the edge of our seats as we read each book. Often times we would be reading and realize that one minute separated us from the afternoon dismissal bell. Then I would have to FREAK OUT and make sure all my kids got to their bus. Despite my end of the day panic, I wouldn't trade those little moments.

I plan on kicking off the year with Smith's story, "Storm Runners" to excite my kids about science, reading, and to hook those boys!

Link up with Amanda and share your favorite fiction picks with the boggy world!

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Whole Pot of Coffee Does the Crafter Good

You're probably wondering - why is this crazy lady posting twice in one night? Well, I have a slight confession to make. Remember that wonderful neighbor of mine that taught me how to sew? Now, I'm using her computer. Be grateful you don't live near me because I'm appearing to be very needy.

Let's back up. On Tuesday, I informed my faithful followers that I became an aunt again. In the excitement of being home and swooning in my new aunty-hood (again), I left my computer there. It was a sad realization when I unzipped my overnight bag yesterday morning. After searching for useless apps to update through my iPad - I walked next door. Don't worry, I ate a piece of their cheesecake too.

Currently, I rent the house I live in. It's a lovely little spot... full of white walls. I wanted to add a little color and excitement to my bedroom so I tackled that idea today. Before tackling the idea, I had to get out of bed first.

I crawled out of bed to the disturbing news that Ann Curry is leaving the Today Show.  Yikes- don't get me started. It took me long enough to get over the fact that Meredith was leaving. Anywho, I made myself a pot of coffee and after drinking the entire thing (oops), I had started roughly four different craft projects. Clearly coffee is this crafters gasoline.

Do you enjoy Instagram as much as I do? Thanks to my new favorite blog, A Beautiful Mess, I was introduced to Postal Pix. Postal Pix is a delightful little app that prints out YOUR instagram photos and sends them right to you via snail mail. I took the advice of Elsie, and I order 9 4x4 prints to fit snuggly on my 12x12 canvas.

I arranged my favorite photos and modge podged them like crazy.  While the canvas was drying, I moved onto another blank canvas and began covering it with tape.  My plan was to create a striped pattern on two blank canvases to hang them over my dresser.

After what felt like an eternity (that's the coffee talking) I peeled away the tape. I was surprised to find a pretty cute design! I was quite pleased with my color and pattern.

See Ya Later White Walls

I added a couple of prints that have been sitting out around my house to the wall and snapped a few photos.  I still feel like the wall needs something, but my jitters got the best of me and I couldn't quite figure it out. My brain quickly switched off and went on to the next crafting adventure for the day.  I'll give you a hint - it involved chalkboard paint and it failed. I was bound to hit a road block eventually!

Somewhat Simple

Yes! Yes! Yes!

There comes a day in every crafters life when they have to learn how to sew. Perhaps I'm being a tad overdramatic, but I feel as if that day FINALLY arrived for me. I was finding all of these fun projects I wanted to create, but alas - I didn't know how to sew nor operate my brand new swanky sewing machine.

Then, after missing a few sewing sessions at JoAnn Fabrics .. I begged my neighbor to teach me how to sew by offering her a meal in return. I blogged on Monday about our apron making adventure and today I've got some BIG NEWS.

Yes I, Jordon J. Furnell, made my very own pillow. Disregard the fact that it took me 4 hours and I received many injuries from straight pins.

She's a Beauty

Sewing Swag
My sewing bucket list includes many pillow projects. The first one being an adorable Bow Pillow found here. Bless this sweet blogger for posting a step by step guide for newbies like me. Here's a peak into my journey creating a brand-spankin' new 4th of July pillow for my crib.

Whew! We've Got a Bow.

Let the choirs sing! It's a real pillow that one can actually use. I've been hugging it for the past 24 hours to reassure myself that it is real and that I actually made it. My life is complete.

What shall I sew next? Anyone need a new wedding dress? Maybe a pair of overalls? Only kidding. I'll stick to pillows for a few months.

What I'm Reading Wednesday

For once, I managed to finish our book club pick before the month ended. Which means I have more time to read another book!

Right now I'm double dipping in the paperbacks and audio books. I'm reading (and captivated by) "The Glass Castle" by Jeanette Walls. In my car, I have been listening to Andy Cohen's hilarious book "Most Talkative". Both are extremely wonderful in their own right. I recommend both!

What books are you enjoying this week?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Life Lately


Life lately has been quite interesting! I feel as if I have been taking advantage of little moments and making the most of my summer vacay. Here's what I've been up the past couple of weeks!

I spent the weekend with a few of my favorite girls. What's better than laying out all afternoon and taking a little boat ride? Not much folks, not much. 

Spent the afternoon with my fabulous pops and celebrated him on Father's Day. Not only is he a dynamite Daddy-O, but he is one heck of a Grandpa. My sister and I are lucky ducks.

My bf and I cashed in a sweet giftcard to a local restaurant and took advantage of the yummy steak and fish options. The leftovers were transformed into a delicious steak and egg bagel sandwich. Yum.

It's very rare that in the month of June, in Missouri, that I am able to sit on my patio and enjoy a cup of joe. One morning, the heat decided to take a little break so we took full advantage of the splendid weather and spent our morning in the outdoors.  P.S. MIZZOU-RAH! Five days until my treasured Missouri Tigers become part of the SEC. Is it football season yet? 

For the past few years, I've always been in transition mode around the 4th of July. I was either graduating or moving. Life really didn't give up the time for me to decorate for the holidays. This year, I'm staying put and I decided to get a little patriotic. My house is beaming with red, white, and blue.

You may (or may not) remember way back when I posted here about my new sewing machine. It was a fantastic Christmas gift from my Grandma as of June 25, 6 months later, I had yet to use it.  As an accidental half Christmas celebration, I decided to bust out the sewing machine and figure out how it actually worked.

After a little shopping trip to JoAnn Fabrics, my neighb and I decided on an apron. We were up to the wee hours (okay, 12:30 AM) creating this apron for the kitchen. Around midnight, I finally fell asleep with thread and fabric stuck to me. My first sewing attempt was a success, I look forward to blogging about my next adventures.

Chip, the wonder dog, and I took a little road trip back to the lake this week. We were anxiously awaiting the arrival of weekend visitors until today. Life stepped in and changed plans a good way!

My sweet little nephew, Beckett, became a big brother today. For months I've been asking him what we should name his little sister and he would quickly reply, "T-Rex". I tried to tell him that it would be difficult to convince his parents of this name, but he stuck to his guns. I'm so excited to welcome my sweet niece Libby (Elisabeth) Jordon into the world. She's going to be spoiled rotten just like her brother by Aunt JJ!

Friday, June 15, 2012

I'll Take 6 Heath Bars, Please.

My sweet tooth never sleeps thanks to that little gem, Pinterest. I know that I'm not the only one that has pinned Kim's Snicker's Dip. My mouth was watering just thinking about it. Thanks for the great idea, Kim! 

I do love a Snickers bar - but I was feeling little rebellious. I don't know what it is lately? I'm eating spicier food, I've been folding my laundry more promptly, and I've been sleeping in  - I'm starting to like this rebellious side of mine.  I made a pit stop at Hyvee to pick up the ingredients and I was caught gawking the candy isle for far too long. I was even asked to move to a different isle. Talk about embarrassing. 

Here's my Heath take on Kim's yummy Snickers dip. Enjoy! 

6-7 yummy deliciously chopped Heath bars.

1 big 'ol (8oz) tub of Cool Whip.

2 8oz packages of cream cheese.

1/4 cup of brown sugar.

Don't be afraid to lick the spoon... several times. I sure did! I plan on serving mine with fruit and pretzels.

It's Friday! Hip hip hooray!


life rearranged

Oh Instagram, how I adore thee. Here's my week...or two... through the eyes of Instagram. 

 Who doesn't love the beach? Is it too soon to go back to San Diego?

After a fantastic vacation, I was treated to the famous Arthur Bryant's BBQ in Kansas City. Doesn't get much better than KC BBQ.

Continuing with great days, I spent the afternoon with my BFF on the beautiful LOZ. 

It's rough being a dog. Bow wow wow. 

My patio is officially complete with a grill, (dead) flowers, and furniture. Bring on the weekend visitors!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

What I'm Reading

It's 11:00 AM and I've only been awake for roughly 45 minutes. I honestly think it takes me the whole month of June to catch up on sleep from the entire school year. OR! I am just really lazy. I'll keep telling myself that I'm "tired".  I'll just keep sleeping until someone stops me.

Anywho - my book club picked a new summer read last week. After finishing "Heaven is Here" (amazing!) we are going to read, "Little Bee". We weren't really sure what the book was about going into it because this is the book's description:

It is a truly special story and we don't want to spoil it.
Nevertheless, you need to know something, so we will just say this:
It is extremely funny, but the African beach scene is horrific.
The story starts there, but the book doesn't.
And it's what happens afterward that is most important.
Once you have read it, you'll want to tell everyone about it. When you do, please don't tell them what happens either. The magic is in how it unfolds.

I'm also reading a few teachery-books. It's more fun reading teachery-books on my own agenda and schedule. You know, my schedule is quite hectic this summer. Ha!

What books are you reading this summer? I love a good book recommendation. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Life Lately

Life lately has been absolutely fantastic! I just got home from a vacation in San Diego, California for my best friend's wedding. Needless to say, we had an amazing time full of adventures, tears (happy tears!), and more adventure.

Mrs. High

Adventuring to Torrey Pines National Park.

Adventure to La Jolla Cove complete with a Kayaking trip. 

Adventure to Coronado Island on bikes! 

Practice makes perfect!


Cutting the cake. I mean.. cakes! Yum. Try not to drool too much. 

Mario & Luigi (we go waaay back!)

Notice the disposable camera. We took care of that little guy!

My blog will literally explode it I posted all 400 pictures that I took while in California. I'll spare your eyes. 

Now, after so much excitement, I'm sitting on my bum on the couch all .. day.. long. Netflix is calling my name.  


Monday, June 4, 2012

Sticky Buns!

One of my favorite meals is breakfast. I especially love when I get to sit on the couch and actually enjoy breakfast. On Sunday, I made a Sticky Bun breakfast ring for my lovely visitors. My house was jam packed all weekend - and I was on cloud 9.

Thanks to pinterest, I found and used The Jones Way recipe found here

You'll Need:

2 small tubes refrigerator buttermilk biscuits
1/2 C. pancake syrup 
1/3 C. packed light brown sugar
1/2 tsp. cinnamon

Click here to follow Nicole's delicious recipe. Your breakfast eaters will enjoy as much as mine did!

Delicious & Sweet
Happy Monday! 

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