Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Oh! The Life of a Renter

It's official! I'm a resident of Lake Ozark, Missouri. After 5 fantastic years in Columbia, I've taken a leap and moved away. I figure if two of my friends can move to Texas and California... I can manage the lake!

Since I'm renting my new house, painting isn't really an option. Nor was I ready to take on such a task. Even though I can't paint, I still want to bring color into my living room! My pillows can only do so much.

Speaking of pillows... Here are a few of my favorites that I have found lately:

DIY Ruffled Rosette Flower
Missouri Pillow, Etsy

DIY Pillows from Sweaters, Pinterest


Recycled Felt, Etsy

White Linen, Etsy
Oops! Got a little distracted. I do love pillows. If you've ever been to mi casa you will find pillows everywhere: on the couch, chair, bed, and floor. Pillows are the perfect addition to any room!

Back to my post.  I wanted to add color to my living room without painting. I found an excellent idea on Make It-Love It's blog to hang fabric. What an excellent idea! 

I picked up a few pieces of fabric at JoAnn's that matched my living room. The tutorial suggests using plywood, staple gun, and other supplies I didn't have.

Since I didn't have (nor want to buy) the necessary supplies, I was stumped as to how to complete this project. Then! A lightbulb lit above my head.

While walking around Michael's craft store, I found myself in the paint section. I found two large white  paint canvases. I will admit, they were more expensive than the plywood approach...but they were much easier for me to handle!

I measured the fabric to fit the canvas like a snug blanket. Then, I started cutting and gluing away!

Lastly, I hung the newly wrapped canvases on the wall using 3M heavy duty frame strips. I stepped back and took a few photos.

An hour later, I was sitting on my couch and they fell on the ground. I jumped so high I thought I was going to land in my bedroom. Luckily, no one was trying to break in... I had only overestimated the capabilities of 3M products.

I put my thinking cap on and used nails.

Then, I ate a cookie. Really.. I did! My landlord made me cookies.

P.S. I joined a Linky Party! Check it out here: Tater Tots and Jello


  1. I like the MO pillow!!! Naturally :)

  2. I love this idea! I rent to so can't paint the walls.

  3. Love the fabric on canvas! I feel like doing that project somewhere in my house now! How did you get the fabric to attach on, with glue? Or did you use a staple gun? I'd like to give it a try! ( :


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