Sunday, July 17, 2011

Blue Dabba Dee Dabba Dah

I've always wanted an adorable cake stand. Lately, I have been searching for one that tickles my fancy. Of couse, I've found really neat stands on Etsy.

Graduation Themed Cupcake Stand, Etsy

Aedriele Orignials, Etsy

The problem is, I don't make enough cakes to fork over $50.00 for a cake stand! I found an awesome tutorial on Centsational Girl to make your own cake stand. Using spray paint and dishes from Goodwill she make bright colorful stands for less that $15.00! Using guidance from Centsational's blog, I scurried over to the Dollar Tree (where everything is $1) and picked up a large white plate and martini glass. 

I tried out a few "techniques" on plates before I decided on my final one. The plates were only $1 so I wasn't losing much by testing out things. I attempted to:

1. Create a zigzag pattern on the plate using a template from my Cricut (FAIL)
2. Use duct tape to create a pattern (FAIL)
3. Use hot glue to add a swirl pattern around the edge of the plate (FAIL)

I failed three times before giving up and deciding to just make a simple bright blue stand. The doilies will make it fancy!

The grass was blue dabba dee dabba dah after this

cake anyone?
I wish I had a neat cake to display on my new stand, but all of my dishes are in boxes and my pantry is empty. Soon enough, my cake stand will have yummy goodies standing on it. 

WORD OF CAUTION! If you make this project, make sure you put doilies underneath your food. I would hate for your cake to taste like spray paint. Yuck!

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