Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fondue For You!

While browsing Oh! Afternoon Snacks, I saw their idea of making cupcake fondue. I am a huge fan of cheese and chocolate fondue. Naturally, I wanted to apply this idea to cupcakes. 

Since Andy and I had plans to eat dinner with friends, I thought this was the perfect chance to make a fun dessert! 

I bought a box of Funfetti Cake mix and I made (what seemed like) 1,000 mini cupcakes. 

I prepared the icing as directed on the site and rushed to DG for some sprinkles. Come to find out, Dollar General does not sell sprinkles.

Strike 1!

I also couldn't find any skewers.

Strike 2!

After dinner, we were all sitting and chatting in the living room when we realized the dog, Maggie,  had started eating the cupcakes! She successfully ate roughly half of the pan of mini cupcakes. From her reaction, they were quite tasty! Luckily, we got to eat a few before she invaded.

Strike 3!

I do believe next time I make this fun snack I will be better prepared with the following:
1. sprinkles
2. skewers
3. placing the goodies at a high level where dogs and/or small children can't reach them!

I think this would be the perfect treat to bring for an office/staff carry-in. Maybe this will be a great way to meet new people at my new school? :)

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