Wednesday, July 13, 2011

4 Parts Burlap, 1 Part Flower

I think I'm addicted to crafting. Seriously. It's become a problem. 
Everyday this week I have made something new. You know what I SHOULD be doing? Packing. I'm moving on Monday... my apartment is not "move-out" ready. 

After spending 30 minutes on the phone with the electric company and packing up my dishes my addiction kicked in. I headed to The Mud Room on Walnut Street in Columbia. My friend Sarah and I created some neat goodies. I painted a mug and light switch. I was prepared to pick it up tomorrow (which I thought was Wednesday) until Sarah corrected me and said next Wednesday. Since I am not working (or doing anything for that matter) it appears I don't have a clue what day it is. Oh well! Such is life. 
my precious mug before I polka'ed it

In the education world my crafting addiction could be referred to as an "avoidance behavior". I know I have something very important to do, but I'm avoiding by doing something that I want to do. Oh well!

The next item on DIY list: wreaths.

I love everything about them! I have found some great picks on Etsy that I will eventually have to purchase. Although, I wanted to find one that I was capable of making. Today, I found this fantastic tutorial on A Little Lovely Blog about creating a wreath from a hanger, burlap, and fabric. 

I literally grabbed my keys and darted to JoAnn's to snag some burlap. 

To make the flowers on the wreath, I was led to House of Smiths and her tutorial on fabric flowers. Remarkably, I was able to do this as well! I was feeling like a champion today.

I started folding my strips of burlap into an accordion fold. I felt like I was trying to change a baby's diaper. You know when their legs are going one way, feet kicking you another way, and screaming at the top of their lungs while swinging their arms? The burlap was not cooperating with me. It wanted to un-accordion when I wanted to to stay accordion. I finally managed to lock the burlap between my feet and hook it through the hanger.

welcome to the land of burlap
The finished product turned out pretty dandy! I was quite pleased with myself. I even took my new wreath outside for a little photoshoot in the sun.

Oh lawd! I just discovered the world of teacher blogs. Catch ya later social life!

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