Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Crankin' Out Coasters

I have been searching for the perfect coasters to compliment my living room. I can never find any that I like.  Since I'm on this DIY kick nowadays, I suppose I'll make my own! 

Luckily, I found The Coaster Tutorial on The Cottage Home blog and fell in love. 

In order to start this craft, I needed tiles. This meant I had to take a trip to Home Depot. Me and a hardware store is like oil and water. Two things that really don't go together. Imagine a cat trying to swim in the ocean. The few times that I have been to them (alone) I usually wander around aimlessly and ask for help within 3 minutes. Today was no different. I made one lap around the store before I stopped and asked where the tiles were. This was my conversation with the Home Depot worker:

"Excuse me, where can I find tile?" 
"Are you tiling a kitchen?"
"Um.. not exactly..." (ashamed)
"What size do you need?"
I made some awkward movements with my hands and spit out, "small!"
"Take a left and you'll be in the flooring department."

I scurried off ashamed! 

Once I stumbled upon the small pieces of tile that I needed, I was SHOCKED by the price. I literally shouted, "WHOA." Hopefully no one heard me. Although, at this point it was no secret that I was a first timer. Anyway, I loaded up with cream tiles at 13 cents a piece and felt like a champion as I strutted to the check out. 

In order to complete this project, I also had to purchase Mod Podge. It's okay, you can laugh. I laughed at the name of the goo too. Whatever it is.. it's great! 

Once I was home with all my supplies and PODGE (hehe), I riffled through my scrapbook paper and got to work! I made 3 different sets of coasters. I wasn't lying when I said I was cranking out coasters. I made one set with flowers on them. Another set with bright colors and stripes. 

My last set was a special set to replace my poor Harrod's coasters that rest in peace. I purchased them in 2008, but they lived a hard life at the bungalaja (it's a real word, I promise) ... so they haven't really been living a good life. I guess it was either me or the coasters that would survive college. Good thing it was me!

Dry my little coasters... dry!
The set on the right are my special "travel" set! The first coaster is my favorite because of it's London theme. Sorry folks, you won't be receiving this set as a gift!

Ignore my finger. Oops! It's probably hard to do since I brought it up. 

Lastly, I made a special "teachery" (that's a word, too) one for my kitchen.  Cute, eh?

Well, that project was a hoot!

That's all folks! 


  1. Gaaahh! I LOVE this!! I found a tutorial for some scrabble coasters, but now I'm torn...We may have to go with these.

  2. wtf mate! i just posted a comment, and then it went away! so i'm posting again! THESE ARE AWESOME! miss and love you!


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