Saturday, June 18, 2011

Yarn Wrapping is Not for Beginners

Get ready for an explosion of crafting... your eyes might pop out! 

Just kidding.

I spent the afternoon with Alissa crafting up goodies in KC. Let's just say, we got a little frustrated throughout our experience. I'm getting ahead of myself.. let's back up to the beginning.

To start our journey we took a trip to the oh-so-wonderful Hobby Lobby. We managed to find an rustic/antique like frame for the yarn letter project, and a replica of this Vintage Wood Calendar Chalkboard I wanted to purchase from Urban Outfitters. (it was out of stock!)

After Hobby Lobby we headed to Michaels because I had a coupon for 20% my entire purchase! Have I mentioned I'm not very good with coupons? Well, I'm not. In fact, I have a 10% success rate using them. Today made me feel foolish because after I asked about using my teacher discount at the checkout (feeling confident) the woman said, "Your coupon isn't valid until Sunday, m'am."

It appears I cannot read the fine print. Oops! 0/1 on coupons for the day. I was saved by my 15% teacher discount (who cannot read fine print...) That was slightly embarrassing.  Almost as embarrassing as sending an email to 60+ people confusing "too" for "two" in a sentence. Summer vacation has done wonders on me!

Moving right along to craft numero uno. I found the cutest dish towel at Anthropologie while shopping at the Plaza. I decided to display it instead of using it for its intended purpose (being a towel, duh). We found a neat frame and wrapped the towel around the glass so the embroidered knife, fork, and spoon were on display in the golden frame.

Meet Alissa: the hand model 

Here is Finnegan and our finished product! Cute, eh? I think it will look delightful hanging in my kitchen. 

Using inspiration from a craft that Ashley Fine created in her living room, I wanted to try out this so called chalkboard paint people keep raving about. I bought a cheap plastic rim frame and took the cardboard backing out. Then, using my nifty can of chalkboard paint that Alissa found in Michael's...I started spraying. 

"IT'S JUST LIKE SPRAY PAINT!" -my reaction to the paint
"It is spray paint!" -Alissa reassuring me as I painted (good thing I have her around)

The little can there did the trick! Hours later... I am still fascinated. 

After it dried for a few hours, I added a few embellishments to make it fancy. Now, when you come to visit me you can sign your name on my chalkboard and write a little message! It was by far the easiest project of the day.

I've saved the best (and most dreadful) for last. After reading Let Birds Fly blog post on Yarn Wrapped Letters, I was convinced this was the best craft for me. It didn't require any sewing, needles, or manual labor from what the pictures showed. I was hooked! I even left the link open on my desktop for days to build excitement. Maybe I should have kept that little tidbit to myself, but oh well... it's public knowledge now.

Using Let Birds Fly photo and tutorial as a reference, Alissa and I began our journey. We had the frame picked out and I decided on the word "Happy" for these reasons:
1. I like to be happy.
2. I would like for others to be happy.
3. If you're happy and you know it clap your hands.
4. Don't worry be happy.
5. My middle name is Happy (okay I lied, it's Jennifer... but it's close!)

Yarn, letters, and Ben Harper Pandora radio station ready to rolllll

Unfortunately we were not HAPPY while making this project. We started with the individual letters and began wrapping away. The curves, turns, holes, and nonsense of the letters that I chose began to become our crafting Achilles heel. It would have been much easier if we had used block letters. Lesson learned!

Throughout our wrapping experience the following noises were heard by Ali Pitt on the telephone...

"I'm getting frustrated." -Alissa
"Keep calm and sew on..." -My attempt at humor

I think you get the idea. It was frustrating! Thankfully, Ben Harper crooning in the background added to our uncomfortable silence due to the wrapping. I started with the letter H and next tackled an A. I realized afterwards that my project was slightly mocking me. As if to say, "HA" you are not done yet, sucker! I can't take credit for the Y... that was all Alissa, although I think that's a memory she will soon forget.

After multiple burns from the glue gun (we cheated) and screeches of frustration, we were able to complete a pretty nifty project! All I ask is that when you come over and see this hanging on my wall you shout with pure joy and enthusiasm by saying, "WOW! I AM SO HAPPY!"

That's all for now. I need to come up with a neat "closing" as we called it in second grade. I'll test out a few before I pick the one for me.

Over and out!

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