Friday, June 24, 2011

Stamp Stamp Stamp-a-Roo!

I don't know about you, but I love stamps. I wish I had more uses for them! I am always instantly attracted to them at Hobby Lobby and Michaels. Any chance I could in 2nd grade, I was always stamping things. Sometimes just for fun! 

I found a great project from Oh! Crafts that uses the rubber from pencils as a stamper. Since I'm not very artistic (I can only draw stick people) I knew this was my shot to use a canvas. Maybe I was a tad over zealous with the canvas... but this was an experience. 

Using my pencils and plethora of stamp pads, I started stamping! First I started with a pattern of lines. 

The basics for a beginner like me

I will admit it was difficult stamping on the canvas, because the circles looked grainy because of the bumpy texture. Although, I secretly loved using the canvas! I know Ali Pitt would be very proud of me. 

Next, I was feeling bold and I decided to recreate a heart. Apparently, I have forgotten how difficult it can be to free hand draw a heart. If you think its difficult to draw a heart ... try stamping one with a pencil! It was not a pretty sight.  After I finished, I flipped the heart upside down and it looked better that way! I think I'll save that canvas for something else... I'll spare your eyes that photo. 

Next, I decided to use card stock for my next creation. This was fun because there was no rhyme or reason to my stamping procedure. It turned out bright and colorful and I can't wait to frame it and display the finished product!

Next, I'll think I will try and tackle a shape of some kind. Although I will use a pattern first! This was a fun craft and super easy. It would definitely be a fun craft with little ones, too! 

As this cute print from Etsy says, Seas the day! 

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  1. this is sooooo adorable! i love it! i just decided i'm gonna craft tonight!


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