Thursday, June 16, 2011

Whoops! Ran out of glue.

Since I ran out of glue on my latest adventure, I'll share what I did today!

I love doing crafts, but I am limited to certain things because I do not know how to sew. My friend Alissa is my sewing guru and without her I have a craft handicap. Therefore, I was on the search for a fun (easy) craft to get my brain back in craft mode.

I started looking at Martha Stewart's website and found some neat cupcakes to make for Father's Day. Since my family will be taking an outing on the golf course on Sunday... these cupcakes were perfect!

I wish I could say that my cupcakes turned out like Martha's, but we all know I would be lying to you. I will say that I tweaked her flag design by using a toothpick and sticky post-it note. It looks the same to me! I attempted to make one cupcake into a sand trap using a crushed Girl Scout Cookie, but I was unsuccessful. I'll be eating that messy and dreadful cupcake! 

Thanks for the great idea, Martha! Martha

As I mentioned before, I have this craft handicap.  This next craft has been entertaining and quite messy! It makes perfect sense to be included in my first post since I left the kitchen table with yarn glued to my pants. According to some friends, I am the only person who did not make this lovable craft in my pre-k years. So at the ripe age of 22, I have decided to tackle the famous "Glue Yarn Ball". Check out this link for the how-to's like I did!

Let's just say, I should get a prize for snapping this photo with gluey fingers and yarn on my pants. 

I don't think it was supposed to look like that....

 ONE DOWN! More glue to go, whoops!

For such a simple craft, I've had quite an adventure buying the supplies. Please see my timeline below:
1. I bought balloons at Wal-Mart (assuming I had glue at home because I'm a teacher)
2. Realized I bought the WRONG balloons and I was glue-less
3. Went to Dollar General for more balloons and glue
4. Bought balloons...... but forgot glue (really, what's wrong with me today?)
5. Borrowed glue from Jolyn 
6. Ran out of glue and decided to blog again! 

We can all thank the glue for this great idea.

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