Friday, June 17, 2011

EEK! Paranoid!

When I was living in London, I started reading books for enjoyment. It was a change from the text books I was used to reading for classes. I quickly fell in love with author, James Patterson. His books are thrilling murder mysteries. I prefer his books featuring Detective Alex Cross and Detective Michael Bennett. I highly recommend any of his books, they are fascinating. I have read them on my iPad, listened to audio versions, and I have many paper copies in my apartment.

Right now, I'm reading one of his more recent books, Worst Case. The only problem is, I can only read it in the daylight (not before bed!) It's definitely a great pick with Michael Bennett solving NYC's latest crime.

More importantly, how does JP have time to write all of these books? I complain about writing a research paper over the course of 13 months, but he cranks out books frequently! He has "something" that I certainly do not have.

What books are YOU reading this summer?


  1. I didn't know you had a blog!!! YAY! Thanks for your sweet comment :)

    BTW, I just finished reading the Host and now I want to start reading Matched! lol

  2. ahhh i love james patterson! right now i'm reading harry potter 4 AND "heaven is for real". HP4 is well... AMAZING. and i just started h.i.f.r. and it's pretty good too! it's about a little boy who's heart briefly stopped during a surgery, and when he awoke, he remembered going to heaven. it's really cool! you should check it out! not to mention.. you MUST read all of the HP books! MUST MUST MUST!


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