Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fruit Loops are the Key to my Heart

In 2nd grade we talk about having a text-to-self connection with stories we read. This means that when reading you relate personally to a character or event in the story. Well, I had a cupcake-to-self connection with this recipe. I love fruit loops. I love eating them with or without milk at ALL hours of the day. I also love cupcakes. I could eat cupcakes at all hours of the day. Fruit Loop cupcakes screams cupcake-to-self connection!

So, naturally, when I found a recipe on Crepes of Wrath for Fruit Loop cupcakes I thought I had died and gone to heaven. After checking my pulse I decide to test these cupcakes out!

I got out all of my ingredients and set the oven at 375 and realized that I didn't have any milk. The first thought that came to me was, "I'll ask a neighbor!" Then, I quickly remembered that I do not know my neighbors. I checked out the window to see if my one neighbor who waves at me was home... strike two! I contemplated knocking on doors and asking for 1/2 cup of milk and saying it was for my dear old granny's birthday cake (instead of just my Wednesday night activity). Instead of pretending I was the Big Bad Wolf, I decided to head to QT down the street. For the record, my dear old granny would love these cupcakes.

 I think the most fun part of making the cupcakes was "zesting" an orange and a lemon. After I zested all that I could zest, my orange looked rather naked. I made the wise choice of putting it out of its misery and eat it! It was a great decision. 
The recipe said to be GENEROUS with fruit loops on top ... so I did exactly that. 

While I've been putting off my comp day presentation, I've been crafty!

I purchased close to 1,000 (not really) white baskets from Wal-Mart prior to the school year for my classroom library in 2nd grade. Now, my library will be different in 5th grade so I am left with a lot of baskets. I found this organization tip from Oh! Crafts and gave it a whirl. 

Before: a ribbon mess!
After: Alex and my organized ribbons! 

I don't know about you, but I love Scrabble! I have to admit though I have never played with a board and scrabble tiles. Instead I've only played electronically. A few days ago I bought my first Scrabble game ...but I used it for a craft instead. :)

I superglued magnets on the back of the tiles found inside my board game. Now, I can spell fun things on my fridge or use in them in my classroom as fun decor. The possibilites are endless! 

Lastly, I did some shopping on Etsy! I love Parada Creations! Her prints are super cute and will look smashing in my apartment.

Have a loopy and fruity day! 


  1. Zesting is very fun!! You didn't tell us how the cupcakes turned out. Were they as good as they look???

  2. They were SO GOOD! The orange and lemon zest made them taste like summer!


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