Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Umm, What's a Zig Zag Pattern?

Let me first begin by reinforcing the statement that I am not a seamstress. Trust me! I have many sewing classes and obstacles to cross before I ever earn that title. My grandmothers are seamstresses. I am a beginner. Actually, what do you call someone who continues to begin over and over again?

I know I have a long way to go in my sewing because I can never remember how to thread that darn bobbin! The agony!! I had to watch clips from this video... waaaay too many times. I actually started speaking in a British accent afterwards to make myself feel better. Later, I had to turn on the video again to learn how to install a new needle after mine tragically broke. Let's just say, I learned a lot yesterday. I practically have the video memorized.

The other night, I was laying on the floor next to my bed chatting on the phone. As I was using the floor as a couch I noticed a tan tote bag under my bed. This tote that was hiding under my bed came from an Accelerated Reader conference I attended back in October. I snagged the bag and decided to give more poor like AR bag a facelift considering I wasn't going to use it in its current state. 

On U-Create, I found a ton of tote bag tutorials here. I scrolled through and found the one I wanted to try and I got started. It was time to give this AR bag a little life!

I cut two strips of a canvas print and two strips of burlap. Then, I followed the directions given here! That's when I encountered my first problem where I asked... "Umm.. what is a zig zag pattern?" Oddly enough, my sewing guru had just called and she briefed me, "It's where your needle jumps around and makes a zig zag stitch." Ahh, Alissa knows how to speak to me in terms I understand. 

Get Ready For a Makeover, Bag!
I began sewing my strips along the edges and attempting the "ruffling" of the strips. Things were going along just swimmingly until I asked my next question, "Umm.. what's a jean needle?"

Obviously, I didn't have one of those. My poor regular needle (is that what we call them?) sacrificed his life for this tote. Don't worry, only one needle was injured during this project.

While I was sewing away, my friend Ashley was cricuting away and we were simultaneously watching Craft Wars on TLC. It was a crafting overload.  In my head I began to think, "I should have Ashley take me picture!" I stood up to go grab my camera and I stepped on a pile of fabric and completely wiped out. We laughed nonstop for about three minutes. I'm glad someone else was there to witness my epic fall. After I dried my laughter-tears, I loaded up my sewing machine and Ashley caught a few pics. I feel so bloggylicious.

 After the zig zag pattern, the broken needle, and my wipe out I finally finished my bag. For the average person, this craft will probably take you one hour TOPS. For me, I like to take things nice and slow.

Now, I plan on carrying this bag everywhere with me in hopes that someone will ask, "Oh! Where did you get your bag?" Then I can reply smugly and say, "I made it." :)


  1. Cute! This week I also decided to dust of my grandmother's sewing machine to make a quilt for my son. I had a similar experience to your--and lots of youtube watching--and trips to Hobby Lobby. Yours turned out wonderfully!

  2. I love, love, love your bag! I want to make one too...:) I dropped by to check out your blog and I am nominating you for the Versatile Blogger award! I love your blog….thanks for sharing it with us! Drop by my blog to pick up your award and get the rules….:) ~Vicky

  3. That's brilliant! Creativity is AWESOME! - Victoria :)


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