Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I've had my screen open to blog tonight for almost 20 minutes. I've just had my eyes glued to the television watching the women's gymnastic finals! Then, they did a little special on my girl Jordyn Wieber.. cue the water works. Sheesh! These Olympians have found the fast track to my heart. When the cameras pan to their families and their reactions after their race or competition, I feel a twinge of excitement as well. I'm practically the adopted sister these Olympians never had... Now, I'm getting ahead of myself. 

This morning, I woke up at the butt-crack of dawn (pardon me, but it was early) and was rip roaring and ready to go! I worked like a busy beaver in my classroom and left around 2:00. Around 2:30, I passed out on the couch like a sleepy cat. Apparently, I'm out of teacher-shape. 

One of the projects I completed today was a fancy way to display student work in the hallway. To start the project, I picked up a package of cheap black frames from Dollar General a few months ago. I spray painted them and coated each frame with a spray glitter to add a touch of sparkle. 

Today, I hot glued cork behind each frame and hot glued the frames to the wall outside my room. After all of that hot glue, I had strings of glue all over me. If I was on Craft Wars, they would have given me the boot. Because, as Tori Spelling often reminds contestants, "the judges hate glue strings." After I cleared away a fraction of the glue strings, I added the heading, "Frameworthy Work!"

I've saved a lot of money on classroom decoration by using my cricut. Instead of buying punch-out letters from the teacher store, I just cut them with my cricut.  

I wish I could apologize for the dinky cell phone picture, but my camera was accessible... it was just outside... in my car. Do you know how hot it is? Yes, it's 103 degrees. I thought for a nano second about walking outside, and decided against it. Quickly.

Now, the outside of my classroom is ready to hang stellar student work. I just need to transform the inside into a classroom again. Tomorrow, I'm back for round two!


  1. Eeek! What a cute idea!

    ...I wonder if I can find a place to put some...

    Will Grade For Coffee

  2. Jordan! I am pretty sure we had the same day! I was at school from 9ish until 3...then I have also been glued to the TV loving the gymnastics team! McKayla is my fave! :)

  3. I really like your idea for displaying student work!! I've got a big 'ole empty space in my classroom and you've sparked some ideas!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I've been obsessed with gymnastics since forever. This olympics has not disappointed, though I felt horrible for Jordyn Wieber when she didn't qualify for the all-around.

  5. Great idea! what do you use to get stuff to stick to the cinder block walls?


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