Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Patriotic Fun with Betty Crocker

Happy Tuesday, friends! As I mentioned yesterday, I really got into the patriotic cooking spirit this weekend. I didn't stop with the fruit salsa and pita chips. Instead I decided to attempt to create a red, white, and blue cake thanks to Betty Crocker. Let me just say, I followed her directions word for word. Betty said, "jump!" I replied with, "how high!?" It was a wonderful afternoon. 

Click here to follow the recipe to make your very own Red, White, and Blue cake for the holiday! In the mean time, here is how my cake turned out!

Red, White, and Blue Cake Shopping List:
White cake mix
Vegetable Oil
Red and Blue food coloring
Bundt cake pan
Fluffy Frosting (you'll end up melting it, so the fluffy kind works well!)
Sprinkles if you wish!

Notice the mess in the background? Pretty standard.
After dying the cake red and blue, my fingers had started to change colors. Good thing I was wearing an apron otherwise my guests wouldn't have recognized me.

Viola! I drizzled the icing all over the cake and topped it with fancy star sprinkles. If you look closely, you can see the chunk missing from the middle of the cake. That cake was definitely left in the bundt cake pan. 

Usually I'm alone cooking the kitchen, so I took this opportunity to pose with my puurty cake. I was very excited after it was finished and I didn't want anyone eating it soon. We waited until later that night to dive into the yummyness.

Red, White, and Bluuuue!
 The MU plate adds a little Mizzou flair to the patriotic spirit of this cake.

On another note, remember when I posted about meeting scientists with my students? Click here if you want to refresh your memory. Barbara over at The Corner on Character posted about John and his Girls on a Misson presentation. Check it out! 

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  2. I love your blog! I also make a lot of messes in my classroom and while I'm cooking!! I've nominated you for the One Lovely blog award, come over to my blog to pick it up!



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