Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Taking a Moment to Remember

Ever make a decision and instantly regret making that decision? I did just that this afternoon. After dropping off my heavy load of junk in my kitchen and relaxing for a minute at home, I realized I had left a few things in my car. I walked outside WITHOUT shoes and into my car.

There is one thing you should know about my driveway, it's not paved.. it's not even gravel.. it's made of rocks. Big 'ol rocks. Rocks that are sharp and hurt on your bare feet. So, you can imagine my feelings when I was walking/hobbling to my car over the rocky path to my car. What would have been a quick 1-minute trip turned into 5 minutes of agony! What was I thinking?

I felt like Dwight when he braved the firey-rocks to prove to Michael Scott he was management material.

Anywho! I felt so slugglish all day long.. now I'm booming with energy. I suppose that I will crash in roughly 10 minutes, so this post is going to be a quicky.

I've been searching high and low for something to "teach" my students about 9/11 this Friday. I strongly believe it's important for students to recognize the significance of that day and the courage and bravery of citizens in our country. I know how busy the day can seem (especially today!) but taking a moment to remember those who lost their lives and the continual fight for freedom is equally important.

Last year, I was introduced to  few books by colleagues to read aloud:
Buy September 12 on Amazon here

Buy The Little Chapel That Stood on Amazon here

Buy The Man Who Walked Between the Towers here

Then! Just when I thought my search had come to a close... I found a beautiful picture on Pinterest.  It comes from jarrodfletcherhayden.blogspot.com, but the link does not work anymore. :(

A little lightbulb went off in my head.

Why not adapt this picture to my classroom? It can represent so many different things. I want to make Friday's lesson a positive one, and I think that by having students collectively create a handprint heart shows our dedication to living peaceful lives. We all come from different backgrounds and have different experiences that make this country so bright and beautiful, just as the heart displays. I think this is a beautiful symbol of a collective commitment to encouraging peace and progress!

What are your plans for September 11 in your classroom? Please share!

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  1. I just stumbled upon your blog, and I am very aware that it is no longer Sept. 11! (yes, I'm late!)

    but I HAD to pass along the title of a wonderful, tear-jerker. It is called "14 Cows for America".

    It is a must read.


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