Monday, September 12, 2011

Curlin' Up

It must be a teacher thing, but I love to read a good book. Honestly, I didn't get hooked on reading until studying abroad. We spent several afternoons lounging in Hyde Park catching up with good reads. Since then, I have become an avid reader. In fact- I'm reading roughly 4 books right now. Goodness!

I'm a band wagon jumper. A friend of mine posted the link to this article last week on Facebook and I was hooked! Then, Miss Klohn posted the article in her recent blog post. I decided to continue the sharing frenzy and post it right here for you fine people. Lucky for you, I've got some other good reads up my sleeve.

First, the CNN article:
What Teachers Really Want to Tell Parents written by Ron Clark. Have you heard of Ron? I bet you have.. he has written several books. One of my favs is "The Essential 55".

Good Reads photo
Whew, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's go back to his CNN article... it's phenomenal. Everyone should read it because it applies to more than just teachers. Here's a sneak peak courtesy of CNN:

So, what can we do to stem the tide? What do teachers really need parents to understand?
For starters, we are educators, not nannies. We are educated professionals who work with kids every day and often see your child in a different light than you do. If we give you advice, don't fight it. Take it, and digest it in the same way you would consider advice from a doctor or lawyer. I have become used to some parents who just don't want to hear anything negative about their child, but sometimes if you're willing to take early warning advice to heart, it can help you head off an issue that could become much greater in the future.
Trust us. At times when I tell parents that their child has been a behavior problem, I can almost see the hairs rise on their backs. They are ready to fight and defend their child, and it is exhausting. One of my biggest pet peeves is when I tell a mom something her son did and she turns, looks at him and asks, "Is that true?" Well, of course it's true. I just told you. And please don't ask whether a classmate can confirm what happened or whether another teacher might have been present. It only demeans teachers and weakens the partnership between teacher and parent.
Click here to finish. 
Are you hooked? Finish it...... I dare you. I triple dog dare you!

I'm also a big sucker for teachery-books. You know what I'm talking about, those heartfelt books you can read when the times get tough. One of the best ones I have read is "32 Third Graders and One Class Bunny". Not only is this book hilarious, but it's practical. Phillip Done clearly describes his trials and quirky moments in third grade. 

Buy it on Amazon here
Now, this book is in no way school related but I am also reading "The Hunger Games". WOWIE! 
Suzanne Collins 
Buy it on Amazon here


  1. Cute new layout! I like it a lot:)

  2. Love the grey with the yellow!! Wait a minute... is this somehow an muted ode to mizzou??

  3. Oh, I just got Ron's new book - The End of Molasses Classes - and I cannot wait to dig in. Have you ever experienced him in person? His energy is palpable. He actually got UP on the table I was sitting at to make a point abou something - he's SO passionate!!! Thanks for the tips on the other must-reads!

    The Corner On Character

  4. I read 32 Third Graders & a Class Bunny in about 2 days. It was too cute, and such an easy read! Another fun teacher-y book I've read is Long Divison by Jane Berentson.


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