Friday, September 9, 2011

Ode to MIZZOU!

I'm a proud alumni of the University of Missouri. I liked it so much, I stuck around for 5 years and earned two degrees! Just kidding. (well, not really... but you get it)

I decided to make a fun wreath to show off my school pride. I have been browsing Pinterest lately in search of a wreath to mimic, and I've found several inspirations!

Before I show my wreath creation and inspirations from the web, first I'll share a few of my favorite things about MU.

The Columns:

As freshmen, it's tradition that you meet at the Columns the Sunday before school and run TOWARDS Jesse Hall. This is me and my BFF (who I met in the dorms) our first week of college.

Senior Send Off
As Seniors, you run from Jesse Hall toward the Columns! Ali and I managed to recreate our picture from freshman year.

Dorm Life:
What can I say? We rocked Johnston Hall and dorm 206. 'nuff said.

TAILGATING! Words can't describe how much I love tailgating. I have many fond memories of many fond tailgates.

Which brings me to....
Football season:
MU vs. OU 
Which brings me to another extremely important point:

It's fun (and necessary) to hate kU
Be a good friend. 

Lastly.. Shakespeares Pizza

Can you tell I'm obsessed? Why wouldn't I be!? I have made the best friends and had the best time in college. I think I'm experiencing a "quarter-life crisis".

As a fun little craft, I made myself a sweet little MU wreath. MIZZZOU-RAH!

A splash of school pride 
The supplies I used are:

  • foam wreath
  • burlap
  • black fabric
  • black/yellow fabric
  • MU print fabric
  • hot glue fun
  • fingers
My colors don't quite match... but trust me, that doesn't bother me one bit. I'm just excited I finally made a wreath that incorporated bunting! Here are a few of my pinspirations:

Casabella Project 
My Blessed Life
Click on the caption of each photo to visit the wreath's source. So, I'm not a professional, but hey! That's a-okay with me.

Stay tuned for a riveting cake pops post in t-minus 10 minutes.


  1. I love it!! We, along with the Crafty Scientist, are setting a craft/wreath trend! I declare it! :)
    Saw you on the TT&J linky!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Sorry I had a spelling error and had to delete. But I don't think we can continue to be bloggy friends. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK GO KU!!!!

  4. Just had to stop by from TT&J...have always been a big MU fan...gotta love those Tigers! Your wreath turned out great...I may need to make my brother one (he is proud alumni as well!). Thanks for sharing. Smiles~Beth

  5. Saw your wreath on Tatertots and Jello - way to go! GO MIZZOU!


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