Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Few of My Favorites

... this week that is. My mind changes frequently. My brain has been overloaded this week and I'm ready for Friday. Anyone with me?

Enjoy a few things that made me smile this week, maybe they will do the same thing for you! :)

I made these delicious little treats for a Tuesday yummy and my first eMINTs session.

Cake Info 

You need:
hugs (real and candy kind!)
candy corn

Melt the hugs on the pretzels for 3-minutes in the oven (275 degrees). Top with candy corn! Yum!

Now onto the smiles.. Enjoy!
We Hear It
Simply Indecisive
We Hear It

Tiny White Daisies

Somee Cards

Shirt Shovel
Talk about a hodge podge of smiles/laughter. I hope you giggled a bit reading my post. My seester and I are crafting this weekend, I can't wait to share our adventures!


  1. I awarded you the "I Heart your Blog" Award! Thank you for being fabulous! The button is on my blog. :)

  2. Haha, definitely made me giggle on a dreary Thursday morning. Especially the Saturn one!

  3. Perfection! Those sweet treats look amazing:)

  4. Bahahahah! I LOVE the Galileo poster - I used to tease one of my fellow history major teacher friends and sing "Galileo" every time that song played!


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