Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What I'm Reading Wednesday

Throughout the school year, my students are always telling me to read this book, and that book, and THIS book... so finally, I've had time to read some of those books. Wahoo!

"Because of Mr. Terupt" was a very popular title in my room and was passed around to many students. It's an incredible story about the connection made between a class and I highly recommend it. 

Last night, I started "The Name of This Book is Secret" because of its popularity in my classroom. It's a unique series and I'm only about 20 pages in, but I'm enjoying it so far. :)

The Name of This Book is a Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch

What are you reading, folks?

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  1. omg, Mr. Terupt is such a wonderful book! I read it aloud to my class last year, and it was a huge hit! We had lots of conversations about laying blame and right versus wrong. It was very powerful! thanks fur linking up!

  2. Hi! I read aloud Mr. Terupt to my class every year too!

    Fourth Grade Lemonade

  3. I liked Mr. Terupt and am going to read the next one once school starts. I just finished Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry and enjoyed it. Not really a fourth grade book, but it is a Newberry.
    I found out yesterday that I can do read aloud in my classroom again! Happy Dance!!! So I am going to start Out of My Mind since that seems to be the bring buzz for read alouds lately.


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