Thursday, July 18, 2013

Teachers! Share Your Thoughts With Me!

My brain has started spinning into school mode, slowly... but it is certainly starting to spin. I've started lists in my phone, sent myself emails of things to remember when I get back to school, and constantly checked to see if my class list has been posted. I can't be the only one right? 

This afternoon, as I've been enjoying Sleepless in Seattle on E! this afternoon, I started thinking about routines and procedures and specifically signals for my classroom. I use a few different chants to get the attention of my class, but this year I felt bored with my go-to chants. 

Here are a few of mine:


Clapping Patterns (on tables and desks too!)

Holy Moly!

Macaroni and Cheese!
Everybody FREEZE!

I found cute posters and printables of chants on Pinterest, but I'm curious about what YOU are doing in your classroom. What do you do to get the attention of 20+ busy children? What nonverbal and verbal tricks do you use to shift the focus and attention in your room? What is your go to signal? 

Share your secrets with me!


  1. Hi Jordon!
    A lot of teachers at my school use clapping to get their students' attention. I'm not fond of it, so I do other things :) When I want the students' immediate attention, I shut the lights switches off...when the lights go off, they know to freeze and be silent. I say whatever it is I need to say with the lights off and when I turn them back on, they go back to work. Another one is....that I stand in the middle of the room with my hand up. When the students see me like that they need to give me 5 (they stop talking/working and give my their attention by putting their hand up). To speed that one up I start thanking the students who have their hands up first.

    I also use a timer...when the bell rings, I have their attention. I think this year, I'm also going to add in a bell ( I found one when cleaning and it is so much fun to push!)as another way to get their attention.

    I hope this helps :)
    teaching, life, and everything in between

    1. Great ideas, Jen! I love the lights off and on as well as your hands up. I will be adding those to my list go to chants!

  2. After a whole brain teaching presentation two year ago, I started using the class, yes they teach. I like it because I can do a lot of different voices and varieties, so it mixes things up! There are tons of great videos, but here is one

  3. I have a wind chime in my classroom that I will ring when I need to get their attention and it is a little loud, but if I need to just have them all stop what they are doing I say "Power clap on three" they get ready, I count down and they all do one big clap. I did this on the field trip and the guide was very impressed and said that was the best she had seen. Not very exciting, but I have even used it in groups with past students and they still do it!

    P.S You are not the only one doing what you are doing! I have been waking up around three almost every morning with ideas and plans!

    1. Power clap! Great thinking.
      Thanks Sarah!

    2. I thought of something else too about the power clap! We do it after a student is finished presenting. Instead of them all applauding, we just do a power clap. Or after we just need to "end" something. I really like it when the kids are the ones to get it going. All someone has to do is say, "Power clap on three" and everyone gets in position.

  4. I use

    "3-2-1...(Clap)" (then they know to put their hands in their laps)
    "Ready to Rock? Reply- "Ready to Roll" (kids do "rolling" motion with arms then put them in their lap)
    "Macaroni & Cheese.." Reply- {Everybody Freeze) (kids freeze in their spot then hands in their laps)

    I also have a service bell on my desk that I use to ring for students who do a particularly good job on work or obey right away/respond, etc.


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