Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Disneyland State of Mind

I was born and raised in a world revolving around Walt Disney. Besides the (awesome) fact that Walt himself is a famous Missourian, my family eats sleeps and breathes Disney. I'm almost certain that my blood type is Disney Positive. If you happen to visit my childhood home, you'll find this gem hanging in the hallway to this day. 

My family just wrapped up a vacation out west to Disneyland. Since I've been singing along to my favorite Disney classics all day, I thought it would be a great idea to share my Disneyland recommendations. Before I begin, please remember that these are based on mine and my 4-year old nephew's opinions. Someday I'll post my top picks for a trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  A truly magical place that everyone should experience once in their life. :)

My Main Squeeze, July 2013

Fact: There is no age limit in Disneyland. Just ask my 81 year old grandma who dressed up two years ago and went trick or treating there. I'm 25 and still woke up every morning soaking up the magic of Disney. 

The benefit to Disneyland is its size. Compared to Disney World, it's a fraction of the parks in Orlando. We stayed at the Grand Californian which is built right off of Downtown Disney. From our hotel, we had an entrance to California Adventure and easy walking access to Disneyland. For the five days that we were there, we didn't have a car or even leave Disney property. Because of both parks (California Adventure and Disneyland) and Downtown Disney, there was plenty to eat and keep us more than entertained. 

The MUST List For California Adventure:

Cars Land 
I was blown away walking through the brand new Cars Land. I felt like I was walking in the actual town of Radiator Springs. The hot ride is Radiator Spring's racers. While we were there, fast passes would sell out by roughly 11:00 AM. I would get to this ride FIRST or at least get your fast past quickly. My bf and I wanted to ride so we stood in the "Single Rider" line for about 20 minutes opposed to the 120 minute wait in stand by. I even caught myself saying, "Wow! This is cool." outloud... Oops! 

World of Color (show)
Hint: If you dine at Ariel's Grotto (or other restaraunts at the park...) you get a "Preferred Viewing" ticket for the show. We had the best seats in the house and definitely should have packed ponchos. 

Tower of Terror

A virtual simulation ride over California. Feels just like you're in a hang glider!

The MUST List For Disneyland Park:

(Top 3 According to BDE, 4 years old)
Pirates of the Caribbean 

A new addition to the Pirates ride and New Orleans Square is the Blue Bayou restaurant.  The restaurant sits inside the pirates ride and you can see the boats and (sometimes) hear screams as riders plunge into the depths of the world of pirates. Why not dine with the pirates? It was a big hit with our family, plus the food was excellent. 

You can't go wrong with those three attractions, and here are a few of my favorites:

You may be familiar with the Hall of Presidents in the Magic Kingdom, but this animatronic show focuses on Abraham Lincoln and the entire hall is filled with the history and development of Disneyland. 

Last but not least, a few tips and fun things to do around Disneyland:

Pull (or try to) the sword from the stone.

Visit Mickey and whole gang in Toon Town. You can even walk through Mickey's house!

Visit Disneyland around Halloween. The entire park is transformed into a spooky and autumn scene that is truly magical!

Plus, all of your favorite characters are dressed for the season as well. 

Whew! Well, that's all I've got for today. Share your Disneyland favorites below as well!


  1. I enjoyed your post so much! I, too, have Disney in my blood! I live in Florida and was 6 when Disney World first opened. I will never forget my first trip. We live about 3 hours from Orlando so visiting the parks is something we have done quite often. My kids are 12 and 10 and they still enjoy our trips there even though we don't go as often as we did when they were younger. My daughter is 10 and wants to be a Disney dancer when she grows up! We will be there next weekend and her dance company is dancing at Downtown Disney and she danced at Magic Kingdom in the Christmas Day Parade. A THRILL of a lifetime! I hope she's on her way to her dream! I hope we get to visit Disneyland someday! What a fun post!! Thanks!
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  2. I'm a total Disney girl too! I was sooo bummed when I visited Disney World in February to have the Little Mermaid ride break down before we could get on it. I felt about 7 years old...but I agree, you're never too old for Disney!

  3. This is so funny, because we leave for Disney World in two days. We're taking our daughters there (and the beach) and we've gotten so many great tips from all the bloggers out there.

    We took them to Disney Land about 3 years ago and they loved it, so getting them to contain their happiness and excitement is no easy task. We're looking to hit up most of the parks during our time there. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. How fun! It was like a mini trip to Disneyland:) I have never been there but have faithfully traveled to Orlando every spring break since I was a little girl! Thanks for sharing your trip!

  5. Unique post, Jordon! :) I am close to Walt Disney World, but... I love seeing peoples' recommendations for different travel destinations. - Victoria :)

  6. One of my former 5th grade students and her husband helped create "World of Color!" Check out my blog:
    Scroll down to "Former Students...Where Are They Now" She is the first one listed! You're welcome to see some of the things former students have been up to!!! I just retired after teaching 33 years in Alpine, Utah! My class blog is now turning into a personal blog!


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