Sunday, August 7, 2011

Simply the Best

Ahh, Sunday night... we meet again. Growing up, if I recall correctly, we had signature foods every Sunday night. They were nothing extreme or massive.. just a few Sunday night traditions. For example, my dad would often whip up some chicken noodles or you might even find rotel dip simmering on the stove.

In college, my good pal Mallori and I started a new tradition. Since we were neighbors for a few years, we tried to get together on Sunday nights and have dinner. Most of the time our dinner consisted of the classic tomato soup and grilled cheese. It was a delightful treat to share with a friend!

This evening, I decided to make THE BEST grilled cheese sandwich, ever. 

Keep Your Diet Real

In order to make the BEST grilled cheese, I needed to take a trip to the store. I wrote my grocery list and headed on my merry way. Guess where my grocery list was when I got to the store? If you guessed, "your pocket!" You are wrong. It was right on the kitchen table where I left it.


Lucky for me, I have a photographic memory. 

I'm sorry, that was a lie. I did my best to remember what was on the list after saying, "awww mann!" (like my nephew, Beckett) quite loudly in the store. Surprisingly, I did quite well. 

After I had gotten over the whole "grocery list" ordeal, I gathered my recipes for the best sammich ever, and started cookin'!

Dangerously Cheesy

I tell you what, Keep Your Diet Real wasn't lying. This grilled cheese beat my regular grilled cheese's boo-tay.

Now, has anyone seen my scissors?

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