Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Different Strokes for Different Folks!

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After reading one of Love 4th Grade's latest blog posts, I was intrigued to ask my teacher friends what music they play in their classroom. As an undergrad, I was fortunate to experience time in each grade level K-5. In many classrooms, teachers were playing music in the background. The genre on the juke box varied from room to room. So, I wondered what were some classroom favorites.... and I've got some excellent answers!

First, I'll share a few of my favorites.

Louis Armstrong

Sleep Through the Static

A 1st grade friend in southern Missouri likes to close each day with Uncle Kracker's Smile.

A 5th grade friend, who you can follow here, likes to start each day with Sunshine by Michael Franti.

During transitions, two friends like to play Jim Brickman to calm the kids. 

Two friends in Columbia like to jam to Glee for several occasions! For example, the students may need their spirits lifted or during transitions at the end of the day. Super idea!

When in doubt, go with the classics! They even sell cheap classical music CD's at the dollar store. Now that's a deal!

Of course, you may have those students who like to boogy woogy (and now how to, right Ann?) So you may want to play...

What music do you play in your classroom?


  1. I always feel safe with Glee songs. The kids recognize the words but almost all are censored so they are safe to play.

  2. I found you through a comment you left on The Teaching Thief and I'm now a follower!! I'm glad to know I'm not the only "messy" teacher out there! I've been listening to dollar store luau music in my classroom lately...goes with my class theme! Great idea for a post!



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