Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jars of Mason

I am 99.9% sure I have only used a mason jar once in my life. That one time was at Joe's Crab Shack when my drink was brought to me in a mason jar. Little did I know, these little gems are used for more than just a cold beverage.

Here a few of my favorite mason jar projects. Click on the caption to link to the webpage for more details.
Some Crafty Dames
Lauren Elise Crafted

Emmaline Bride
Epheriell Designs
Slices O Flight
The CSI Project
Adorable, eh? I thought so too. I believe when Spring rolls around again I will spray paint a few to make planters for my front patio.

I have noticed in my classroom that I need a few containers to hold pencils, extra supplies, PBS tickets, and whatnot. I thought, "ah-ha! I shall use a mason jar."

No no... not just ANY mason jar. I wanted to use a beautifully painted "marblely" mason jar. See?

Magpie Paper Works
While searching the internet, I came across Magpie Paper Works blog. Click here to access her page. She gives a great little tutorial on how to make lovely vases for flowers (or even pencils!)

I gathered my supplies and had a seat on the 'ol patio. I realized that I didn't quite have enough colors to follow the blog exactly.. oh well! My jar still looks pretty schnazzy. 

Different strokes for different folks
With my tunes going and the sound of tubers and wave runners in the background, I started pouring!


Drip drip drip

Since the heatwave is over (for now...) I can enjoy the lovely outdoors. I'm even wearing sweatpants right now. Yup! It's the truth people.
Lovely Thursday

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