Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Updated Post - The Job Market is Officially Open!

To date, the most popular post on my blog is from July 2012 where I shared with you fine folks about my classroom job system. You can read about it right ---> here. Over the past few years, I've received so many emails from teachers all over the world (seriously!!) asking to share my job application document. Nothing is more exciting than swapping emails with a teacher around the globe at 7:00 AM!

This year, I've updated my job application and you can access it through Google Docs ---> here. (click the blue link!) You'll only notice a few changes, but I've tweaked a few of the jobs to fit the needs of my classroom and I've added a "You're Hired" portion at the bottom. I needed something for my students to reference if they forgot/needed reminders on their job responsibilities. Once we have our "job training", I'll have my students stick their responsibilities slip in their binders for safe keeping. 
In Room 52, the following jobs have been posted for hire:

Accountant: The accountant’s daily responsibility is to adjust the attendance cards to a horizontal setting at the end of the day.

Librarian: The Librarian checks the room for stray books, straightens the fiction and nonfiction shelves, and checks to make sure all books are in ABC order.

Computer Technician: The computer tech is responsible for turning on the laptops and logging them into the eMINTS network. At the conclusion of the day, the tech turns off the laptops. In addition, the Computer Tech is responsible for helping their peers with tech issues. The Computer Tech will help their peers troubleshoot and solve tech problems before consulting the teacher.

Assignment Sorter: Puts all collected assignments in student number order, paper clips together, and places them on Ms. Furnell’s desk. The assignment sorter marks off who brought their homework from a list and hands it into the teacher.

Postal Clerk: Delivers graded work and other items to student mailboxes daily.

Custodian: The Custodian is responsible for checking the floors and tabletops (desks and shared work areas) at the conclusion of the day for trash. The custodian uses the lint roller on the floor to get all scraps.

Recycling Chief: The Recycling Chief takes the blue recycling bin to the larger bins daily.

Board Cleaner: The Board Cleaner is in charge of wiping down the white board at the end of the day. Remember to check with Ms. Furnell on what to erase and what to keep!

Scheduler: The scheduler changes the calendar at the end of each day to reflect tomorrow’s events and date.

Caboose: The Caboose stands in the back of our short, straight, and silent line. Once leaving the room, the Caboose turns off the light and changes the sign to reflect where the class is located in the Upper Elementary.

Pencil Sharpener:  The Sharpener makes sure there are enough sharpened pencil in the “sharp” bucket. Reminds peers to return any borrowed pencils and replaces dull pencils.
The first page of the document is a simple overview of the jobs available, the second page is the actual application, and the final pages are the detailed responsibilities of each job. Again, these are based on what works in my classroom but it may be helpful for you with planning!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Love that Job Chart... so cute!

    1. Thank you! It's been a great addition to my classroom! :)

  2. What an adorable and smart system. This prepares kids for job applications and training in the future. A great idea!


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