Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Magnets for Families - Meet the Teacher Night Takeaway

As a little takeaway for parents at Meet the Teacher night last year, I gave each family a magnet with my contact information listed on it. I used a template (which you can download here) and I added in my room number, extension, email, and website.
 I'm having trouble locating the original blog it came from - but once I do, I'll update the link! 

This year, I reached out to an oh-so-extremely talented friend and asked her to recreate a new image for me. My request was to have an image (similar to the magnet from last year) with all of my contact information be made into a GIF file for my weebly site. 

She responded with, "umm sure best friend!" It went something like this:

Then I replied with great excitement...
Because it has ALL of my contact information listed on it, you'll just have to use your imagination! :) 

Then, I asked for yet another favor of my oh-so-extremely talented friend and asked her to create a JPEG of that same image so I could create a magnet for my families this year. 

Of course, she responded with great enthusiasm. It went something like this, "JPEG for YOU, YOU, and YOUUU!"

I printed the images on card stock, laminated each one, stuck a magnet on the back, and...


Now families can stick my contact information next to their favorite Michael Scott magnet on their fridge, too. :)

Share with me teachers, what do you have planned for Meet the Teacher night? 

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  1. LOL, you crack me up! Great references and your contact card turned out really cute. I'm sure your parents love it.

    The Teaching Thief


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