Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Welcoming 'Treat' For My Students

In 17 days, I'll begin my 5th year of teaching! 
Here's to year 5!

The past few years, I've made it a habit to send a welcome postcard to my incoming fifth graders. I've received great feedback from parents and students in the past, so I see no reason not to continue this great tradition! 

Thanks to the greeting card site, Treat, my welcome postcards received a much deserved facelift! Using a template for a teacher appreciation card, I used Treat's customizing options and tailored it to my needs. Now, my students have a pretty schnazzy card headed their way through the U.S. Postal Service! 

Treat allows you to customize personalized greeting cards for any occasion. I kind of went a little wild on the site and made one for every wedding and birthday for the rest of the year. Expect posts about those... later. :)

On the inside, I typed a little note welcoming my new crew and important dates for families to jot down on their calendars. Most importantly, I invited families to our Meet the Teacher night before school begins. 

There ya have it, folks! One of many back to school preparations I can check off the list. 

17 more days!!

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  1. Oh are so organized and ready to go. Looks great. You will totally WOW your parents.

    The Teaching Thief


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