Monday, April 16, 2012

Life Lately Link Up

Happy Monday, friends! I can't believe it's the middle of April. April is the best month because of (my favorite season) spring and so many birthdays to celebrate.

I'm linking up with The Weekend File and giving you the scoop on my life lately.

I've become mildly obsessed with the game "Draw Something". I'm not an artist by any means, but I sure do love trying to illustrate wacky things like this here cyclops! Definitely one of my finest.

Call me Picaso.
I made my very first layered cake for a little birthday that happens to be today! I used the classic and well-loved Funfetti recipe and it was enjoyed by many this weekend! Plus, the cake got to hang out on my fancy dollar store cake stand that I blogged about here.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Over the weekend, I was invited to attend Opening Weekend of the STL Cardinals! As you may know from here, that baseball has never been my thing, but holy cow! The game was absolutely incredible. I loved every minute of it!

Plus, I got a sweet new ring. :)

Since the weather has been so beautiful, I've been taking advantage of the roads around me and going on walks everyday. Who wouldn't want to have this view everyday?

Life is just splendid. I hope yours is just as grand!



  1. Looks like a great weekend! I'm completely obsessed with Draw Something too. That app is sweeping the nation. :) ~ Amanda @ The Teaching Thief

  2. I was obsessed with draw something, bought all these colors and then... over it! I should go play again! And I love baseball season, I need to get out to a game soon! Thank you so much for linking up with me, its going to be happening bi-weekly so stop by again!

    The Weekend File


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