Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Good Luck!

The MAP test is quickly approaching. By quick, I mean next week! As a little motivator for my little Einsteins, I made two motivational cards for my kiddos. Of course, they'll be paired with a sweet treat the morning of the test.

In 5th grade, our kiddos take the Science test for the first time. What scientist doesn't love a delicious Milky Way? Mars Bars should go ahead and hire me to sell their product A.S.A.P.
If you are giving a science test as well, here's the document to download!

Reach for MilkyWay

I'm a big fan of Smarties, all meanings of the word, so I made another motivator for my kiddos.

Good LuckSmartiePants

Happy Tuesday, friends!


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I am totally using these with my kiddos!

  2. You are SO creative and YES, the candy makers ought to be knocking at your door!!!


  3. I love these!

    Your blog is just awesome and I feel so blessed to have found it!

    Heather's Heart


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