Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Part 2: Create an Interactive Timeline

We are deep in our Historical Fiction unit and my kids are loving every minute of it! Read how I got them hooked on the unit here

Once students were able to pinpoint their historical event, I introduced the next phase of our project. They were to create an interactive timeline with QR codes. Using a QR reader app (which is free!) students were able to not only scan QR codes, but can also create a code from text, websites, or maps. 

In this picture you can see one of my students creating a QR code with text about the Hurricane Katrina and the novel, Ninth Ward. As a class we made a list of "must haves" for our codes and went to work. 

Soon enough, our timeline began to take shape in the hallway. We had a great conversation on the sequential order of events and it was one of those "ah-ha" moments when kids started to realize the huge gaps between some of these events. 

Then, once our fellow 5th grade added their codes and labels, I gave my students time to scan and learn about different time periods. Once students had watched or read what other students put in their QR code, I encouraged students to write positive feedback on a post-it note for their peer. 

Next, I'll share our final project bringing our entire Historical Fiction unit together. Until then, have you used QR codes as a teaching tool? Share with me how you've used them in your classroom!

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