Wednesday, February 11, 2015

How Does Light Color Affect Plant Growth? We're Going to Find OUT!

I'm positive I've mentioned on my blog that I do have a few subjects in science that aren't exactly my favorite..... 
Anyone else have those moments in teaching?

Oh just me, huh?
The silver lining in having a least favorite subject to teach is the fuel it gives you to find engaging and interactive teaching materials. Last year, I purchased a "Seed Investigation" on TeachersPayTeachers from HelloLearning and it totally rocked our classroom. We were planting seeds, designing our own investigations, and having the best time studying plants. Who knew it was possible? (I totally recommend checking out HelloLearning's shop on TpT. You won't regret it!)

A few weeks ago, I started mentally preparing for our classification unit because it was on the horizon. It's all about the attitude, right? If the kids can see I'm not happy... then no one is happy! So by golly, we were going to make this unit rock two years in a row! After collaborating with a high school teacher and friend, he suggested a fantastic plant experiment for my kids. What if we tested how the color of light affects plant growth? Using the resources I purchased last year from HelloLearning, we set up another experiment testing light color and plant growth. Let's just say... this experiment is the cat's pajamas. 

Literally a cat wearing pajamas.

Here are few of my "live" tweets about setting up the experiment on Tuesday. 

Share with me! What are your best lesson for teaching classification? 

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