Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What IS Life Like on the International Space Station?

Eventually I will "get over" the fact that I can't take my students on a field trip to Outer Space - not exactly in the budget this year. Until then, I will continue hunting for ways to share the excitement of space with them. I am ashamed to say that, until this year, I wasn't up to date on the missions and expeditions of the International Space Station. This year, our school has been tracking and following NASA Astronaut Mike Hopkins and his crew members of Expedition 37/38 as he lives in space until February. Mike Hopkins is an alumni of our high school and we've all been cheering for him since he departed earlier this Fall. 

This got me thinking, if we can follow Mike on Twitter - who else can we find that's in space? A few clicks later, I was uncovering several Twitter accounts of astronauts who were preparing for space travel, had been to space, or currently residing on the I.S.S. 

Earlier this week, I posed the question, "what's life like in space? What would it be like to live on the International Space Station?" We brainstormed how life would be different and started asking questions about daily routines that would change because of zero gravity. 

The goal of the day was simple: find out what life is like in space! I let my students explore Twitter accounts and reminded them to take notes so we could share at the end of class. 

Screenshot of Mac: Mike Hopkins' Twitter Page

Screenshot of Mac: @NASA_Astronauts Twitter Page
Oh, but wait.... there are VIDEOS, too. TONS of videos! Ever wonder what it is like to brush your teeth in space?

What about washing your hair in space?

What's it like to sleep in space? Do you float?

Okay, okay... I know you're wondering, what happens if you get sick?

That's only the beginning. Once I started searching for videos, I found TONS from several Expeditions on the I.S.S. Who better to teach my students about life on the I.S.S. than residents of the I.S.S.? 

We're constantly checking in our favorite astronauts through Twitter and reading their updates in our classroom. It's truly remarkable to be able to share with my students what is happening on the I.S.S. through Twitter and live feeds. AMAZING!


  1. OK, three things from Texas. #1 ... Go Mizzou ... even though it meant beating my son's team. #2. Mike Hopkins lives in Friendswood and his boys go to school with Joshua. #3. Happy Holidays.


  2. Jordan- How did you monitor the students looking at twitter/searching for videos? I think this is a cool idea and would love to have my students get started, I just want to make sure we are finding the wrong/inappropriate things! -Cori


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