Monday, March 4, 2013

Life Lately - Snow Days & Paint


Oh, Life Lately has been filled with tremendous amounts of snow and oodles of fun. One would think that after having four snow days in two weeks, my to do list would be down to nothing. Let's just say, that is not the case whatsoever. In fact, after school today I felt more behind than ever! But first, let me catch you up...

My bf and I got all dolled up one Saturday night because he's a pretty rockstar sales rep!

A group of us, the Icebreakers to be exact, survived the Polar Bear Strut 5k at the Lake of the Ozarks. This was my first race and boy-oh-boy it rocked my world. Big kudos to my bf for coming in third overall and first in his age group! :)
I'm ready for race number two!

Then it snowed.... a lot. Just when I thought it had stopped snowing, it kept snowing. I watched a record amount of Netflix movies and my stir crazy popcorn popper was busy. We missed a Thursday and Friday of President's Day week. It was pretty much the easiest week ever. 

As I was walking into school the following Monday I thought, "Well.. this week will be tough after only going to school two days!" Then it started SNOWING AGAIN. We had TWO MORE snow days last week. There is only so much I can do with the snow. I literally tried/did everything. I even photographed Chip. 

In honor of Read Across America Day, I had the great pleasure of dressing up like the Cat in the Hat with two spunky collegues dressed as Thing 1 and Thing 2. It was a really fun day! A third grader passed me today and said, "YOU were the Cat in the Hat!" I just smiled and walked away. 

On Saturday night, a group of us took a painting class at a little art studio in St. Charles. Thanks to Studio Gallo Blu, I now have a lovely little painting to hang on my wall. Plus, I walked away with the confidence of Van Gogh.

How's life lately for you? :)


  1. Oh snow! I am from MO too, lots of snow piles around. Enjoy the melting process. :)


    1. It's melting! It's melting! High in the 60s this weekend!

  2. We had the same snow days as you in the Kansas City area! I told my kids they needed to be strong this week as we would be in school for FIVE WHOLE DAYS straight. We had conferences the week before Presidents' Day, so we haven't gone five days since the first week of February!

    How did your art turn out? I've always wanted to go to a one-night art class as well.


    1. The art class was SO FUN! The paintings were so cute. I highly recommend it!!


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