Friday, August 3, 2012

Peek Into My Library!

This week, I started revamping my classroom for a new school year. I still have loads of work to do, but after three days I was pretty excited about my progress. Now, before I scoot over to Columbia (the greatest city) for the Wittenborn wedding... take a peak at my classroom library!

Here we have the nonfiction shelf. My nonfiction books are separated into categories and/or authors.

This poster is making it's grand debut in my room. How about that for motivation? You're in good company!

Oh, Abe. 

This year, I wanted more of a "nook" feel. I angled the bookshelves a tad and viola!
 I must add, by "I", I mean myself and the lovely Mrs. Musick across the hall moved bookshelves. It took a couple tries! 
We have a nook. 

These little chairs were the best investment. I just bought the red one to add to my collection this year. My kids love them. Plus, the inside is a great place to store stuff. 

Notice the angle? The TIGERS banner is on the end of one shelf that closes the nook. 

Take a few steps back and you now have the supply shelf with an awesome view of Alaska. 

I jumped up on the computer desks (shhh! don't tell) and snapped a photo from above. You can see we have Alaska to our right, clouds straight ahead, and a library that is ready for day one.

Remember these clouds? They are hanging out above the apple tree until we're ready for them!

Happy Friday! Linking up with Lindsay!


  1. Your library nook looks great! I bought the same poster a couple of days ago and can't wait to put it up in my room!!

  2. Love the poster. What company makes it?


    1. GREAT question! I'll check when I get back to school, but I'm not sure it says on it. I bought it at our local teacher store!

  3. Did you mean to write "peek" into my library?

    1. Oops! I guess I was just too excited about my library to spell check. Good catch!

  4. I would love, love, love if you would link up at my first ever linky party!! YOu can use this post or write something else if you want!!

    My Life as a Third Grade Teacher

  5. How do you join the linky party? I am new to this.

    1. Hi Andrea! Go to Lindsay's blog here:

      Then, after you have typed your blog post... copy your URL and click "add my link". Good luck!!

  6. Where did you get those cube chairs in your library? I'm looking for chairs exactly like that to use in my classroom!

    1. I bought them at Target!! This year they have tons of bright colors. I was happy to see them back!

  7. Where did you buy your carpet? I love it!! You library looks great!


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