Sunday, August 19, 2012

Polka Dots & Football

If you've been a follower of my blog for sometime, you know by now that I'm a pretty big fan of the Missouri Tigers.  With the upcoming football season approaching, I am not only anxiously awaiting our first big game of the SEC... but I'm also waiting for the postman to deliver my season tickets. Any day now.. any day now. 

It was time for my front door to sport a new wreath and I knew exactly what kind to make. MIZZOU wreath, anyone?

I bought wooden letters from JoAnn's and gave them a little paint job. 

Yellow seemed like the perfect color to start with. Each letter got a nice coat of yellow to proudly display. 

I stared at them for a little while and decided to add polka dots!

 First, I wanted to add chevron to each letter. Then, I realized I'm not talented enough to make a chevron design. I decided to stick with polka dots. Polka dots are much easier and very fun to say over and over again. 

My crafting box looked like Charlie Brown threw up all over it. Don't worry, just a little experimental painting. See what I mean about the little talent with chevron?

I used my trusty friend the hot glue gun and added a fancy football for effect. 

What do you think? Am I ready for football season or what? Now all I need are my tickets!



Happy Sunday! Enjoy this beautiful day. 

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  1. Ok the wreath is cute but still won't support the Tigers even if they are in the SEC.

    1. Fair enough my kU-loving bloggy friend! It's a divided world out there! :)

  2. CUTE! I love the polka dots. MIZ-SEC!


  3. Very cute! :) I'm so ready for football too!! I'm an NFL girl - Go Chargers!!

  4. Came here from C.R.A.F.T. and clicked on your project instantly when I saw a MIZZOU craft. Love that wreath! I'm a loyal Tigers fan living on the West Coast. Can't wait for some Fall football!

  5. Thanks!!! I'm so doing this!!!


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