Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Scientific Method iMovies

I'm sure you're all familiar with the book, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie..." by Laura Numeroff, right?

Well... if you give a kid an iMovie project to create...
You're going to need some patience.
If you give a kid an iMovie project, you're probably going to need some props and costumes to go along with the project.
Then, when other students see one group with a wig and a microphone.. you're PROBABLY going to need to find six more wigs, 6 more microphones, and 8 more feet in your classroom to make space for the creativity happening.

Catch my drift? :)

 In previous years, I have had students create scientific method comic strips demonstrating their understanding of the scientific method. This year, I decided to utilize iMovie and have students create a movie to illustrate their knowledge of the scientific method process.

Let's just say... it was pure chaos in my room for a few days. I started to sweat wondering if this project was even making an impact? Were they learning anything? Were they truly showing me what they knew about the scientific method?

I held my breath. Counted to ten. Crossed my fingers and toes and hoped for genuine learning to happen. I even had time to snap a few pictures and send a tweet or two:

Then... it was presentation day. I had watched the chaos, costumes, accents, and shenanigans unfold for several days and I held my breath as I pressed play on my computer.

It was like the scene from Sleeping Beauty where Aurora begins singing with the animals in perfect harmony...

Everything came together. The projects came together. They were clearly demonstrating their knowledge of the scientific method!

Despite my hestitation and worry about the project, they were a smashing success. Since then we have been on an iMovie roller coaster creating projects left and right. We just wrapped up individual goal videos, erosion and weathering videos in science, and are starting book trailers! #weloveiMovie

Share with me teachers, how do you use iMovie in your classroom?

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