Monday, February 3, 2014


I know this isn't the place for me to make excuses - and it is the one place where I don't have deadlines, requirements, due dates, or rules of any kind. However, one thing had to get shifted to the back burner this year, and sadly my blog has gotten the short end of the stick. Oh well! Life goes on and I shall blog when I can blog. 

That being said, my students and I are completely immersed in a literature study of Wonder and our hearts and minds couldn't be happier. Right now, we are hearing things from Summer's point of view and the students are pretty steamed with Jack Will right now (if you're familiar with the plot). I'm anxious to keep reading and continue eavesdropping on the incredible conversations happening everyday. 

Stay warm, USA! 

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  1. LOVE Wonder! And love your bulletin board! I read it last fall to my class, and we just adored it. I wish I could have read it again this year, but with multiage I have to wait until next year! What an amazing book.


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