Tuesday, June 4, 2013

WE WILL ROCK YOU! Summer School Day 2

Summer school is trucking right along. It's fast paced and way different than the regular school day. It's nice not having the pressures of testing hanging over my head. Plus, the hugs from students in June is a wonderful added bonus.  :)

After our conversation about soil yesterday, we extended the conversation into erosion and landforms. Below are a few online videos I used and a great flipbook!

While the song was playing I started to hear, "Ohh... I get it now!" We weren't diving into the types of rocks, but it was a fun song to get our brains shifted into science mode. 

I also show clips from Bill Nye's erosion episode. I like these clips because he visits areas around the country to show erosion and cool experiments to try at home. 

Right as time was running out for the day, we started a landform flipbook. Thankfully, there are smart and talented teachers on the internet who share fantastic resources. Ginger Snaps has a fantastic flip book to demonstrate different types of landforms, plus you can download the file for free! 

Bless you, Ginger Snap Treats for Teachers!

Tomorrow, we are going to finish our flip books and move onto the atmosphere Thursday. Exciting week full of science! 

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