Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Alexander the Great

A few days ago, a friend of mine reached out to several of her Facebook friends asking for stories about their pets for a social media campaign. I jumped on the chance to write a little story about my favorite and most believed pooch of all time, Alex. 

After writing it, and wiping my tears, I wanted to share it with you fine people - because I know I'm not the only dog lover around these parts. 

There was no question who ran our household. A four pound fluffy black-haired little pooch ruled the roost in our home. I will never forget walking home from school in the third grade and seeing my mom relaxing in the living room. My sister and I both titled our heads to make out the little fluff she was holding. Eventually, we both discovered an adorable Yorkshire Terrier waiting to be loved and adored by two sisters. He was the runt of the litter and found a quick way to our hearts. He was given the name "Alex" because he was the son my mother never had. The name stuck because of his human like qualities including, but not limited to: snuggling, sitting at the table, taking trips to the lake, waking up the family, and visiting college - to name a few. I could sit for hours and recount all of the memories that I hold with Alex. It's incredible how a four pound creature not only takes up a little space in your house - but eventually consumes your entire heart and sweeps your family off their feet. Any dog (or cat) owner can feel exactly what I'm referring to. Not only did I love Alex, and the way he greeted me every time I came home, but my friends adored him too. During my freshman year of college, as Alex has turned into a grayer version of himself, he found my dorm room quite cozy for weeks at a time while I snuck him in and out of the doors. My friends would pop over to visit my little pooch.. He was our best kept secret! His favorite spots were in the sunshine and cuddled up in your spot underneath the covers in your bed. Many mornings I was woken by Big Al staring at me in the face with a squeaky hamburger reminding me that it was time for him to take care of business and I needed to move it. 

As any pet owner can agree - there comes a point when a dog becomes more than a dog. The same could be said for cats... if you like cats of course. From the moment I met Alexander the Great (a dog with many many names) he would forever be a part of my life. As Alex grew older, his heath couldn't keep up with his outgoing spirit and spunk and sadly his time came. Since that afternoon in third grade, a four pound little pooch left an impression on my heart that will forever be imprinted and stitched with love, fur, sweet memories, and precious snuggles. 


  1. Okay I teared up reading this!! I remember sleeping over and snuggling with him and the sweet little kisses he would give.

    We all miss you Alex!

  2. Jordon--My little guy is now 15 years old and not well. I know just the feeling you're talking about, and I need to make sure I hug him up while I can. Thanks for reminding me.


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