Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer... singing LOUD for all to hear! My class took Buddy the Elf's advice and spread a little content Christmas cheer.

Let me back up. 

Earlier this week, my students and I began brainstorming a list of everything we have learned in science and math to create content Christmas carols. My students were floored by the amount of topics we were able to come up with. I heard several kids exclaim, "WOW! We've learned A LOT."

Then, I gave my students a packet of traditional carols that we've all grown to love. I challenged them to rewrite the traditional carols into CONTENT carols. Instead of singing about Christmas trees, winter wonderlands, and little drummer boys... they would be singing about plants, the Moon, and clouds.

Santa Baby Gets a Facelift. 
After students partnered up and wrote carols, I had them type their carol to share with their classmates. Today, we took our Christmas carols through the hallways and spread a little content cheer! A big thank you to the teachers who let us interrupt their days to sing a song or two. I know my kids enjoyed every minute of it. I have to admit, I was tapping my foot along with them. Such a talented group of singers and song writers I have! :)

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