Monday, December 31, 2012

26 Acts of Kindness

Happy New Year's Eve, friends! I've spent the afternoon curled up on the couch watching movies and napping. I think I have this break thing figured out. I've certainly missed my students, but I can't complain about the extra sleep and quality time I've been soaking in this past week. 

While I'm enjoying my relaxing Christmas break, I know that many families are still suffering from the tragic events that happened at Sandy Hook Elementary. My heart has been with those poor families. I wanted to do something, but I wasn't exactly sure what I could do until Ann Curry's tweets stuck out to me. Here's her challenge:

I'm in, Ann. I'm in! Check out the Facebook page here

Before I share my first three acts, I must post this disclaimer: I am not posting these for personal praise. I'm simply sharing my participation in hopes to spread the word, and to possibly encourage YOU to take part as well. That being said, here is what I've done so far!

In my bf's apartment building, there is a pretty stingy vending machine, so I stuck $1.25 on the machine with tape and bought a drink for someone. 

For number two, I went down the road to Red Box and taped $2.00 on the machine. Now, I understand that Red Box movies are bought with a debit card, but someone needs that $2 more than me!

For my third act, I bought a $10 gift card for a meal and stuck in on a car windshield. The car and the card were gone this morning, so I hope it was enjoyed!

When Chip (the dog) and I got home from running all over the city, my heart was LEAPING out of my chest. I can't explain it! My spirit was incredibly uplifted and I felt like one of Santa's elves. It only made me want to do more and more and more and more. I have no idea who benefited from these acts, but I can only hope it made them smile. 

This truly was an incredibly way to get a jump start on the new year. I am not rushing to finish my 23 acts, but I'll continue posting as I finish a few. I would love to include my class in on the fun. Since I have 21 students with huge hearts, I know that they would be more than willing to share a little love around the area. 

Have you participated in a "Random Acts of Kindess" challenge? Are you taking on Ann Curry's challenge? Do share!

See you next year! :)

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  1. LOVED reading about your random acts!!! So awesome! Can't wait to read more :) Excited for you for your first 5K!! Winter running definitely is rough sometimes! Definitely invest in some warm fleece-lined tights and under armor! Let me know how the race goes!


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