Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pumpkin, Oh Pumpkin!

The season of Fall makes my heart skip a beat. I think it's a combination of warm scarves, football, hot chocolate, and pumpkins that make me so happy. You can substitute any other Fall staples in that equation above and I would still be happy.  Lately, I've been soaking up all things pumpkin! 

My bf and I visited a local pumpkin farm over the weekend. I snapped several photos of the massive amounts of pumpkins overflowing the farm! 

The farm was full of... pumpkins. Loads of them. 

Yes, I Took One Home! 

Last week I got a little crafty (or attempted to) with pumpkins. Instead of carving, which is an impossible task on my end, I decided to PAINT! One of my painted pumpkins was a birthday gift for my sweet grandma. I painted a pumpkin white and polished it off with an "F" made of thumbtacks. Now, by the time I got to my hometown to deliver my gift..... the pumpkin was flaking!! It did have a bit of a vintagey feel at first, but I'm positive that no white paint remains on that pumpkin. Oh well, my Grandma still has a lovely monogrammed pumpkin on her front porch. :) Needless to say, she loved it! Grandmas are the best for that kind of thing. 

Grandma's a Cutie!
I had a grand vision of painting a striped pumpkin to sit neatly on my table..... Well, it's more of patches the pumpkin. It does kind of have a spooky affect though, right? I need a step by step guide for striping pumpkins!

Keep Calm & Learn How to Stripe.

My last pumpkin got a fresh coat of chalkboard paint!! I wish I could paint everything in chalkboard paint, but that would be a little weird. Actually, it would be really weird. I'll stick to only chalkboarding a few things. Right now, my chalkboard pumpkin is rooting for the Cardinals in the post season! 

Beat the Nationals!


  1. Cute craftiness! I can't wait to decorate pumpkins. It's one of my favorite things about fall! Enjoy the cool fall weather!


  2. I LOVE your chalkboard pumpkin!! I totally want to do this and have my kids sign it at school--such a fun idea!

  3. After reading this post I really think we are sisters from another mister! That stripe pumpkin thing you tried to attempt is a great example of ALL my attempted creative projects!

    The REAL Teachers of Orange County


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