Monday, May 28, 2012

A Pirate's Life For Me

Life Lately is just lovely. I'm linking up with Hayley at The Weekend File to give you the scoop on my awesome Friday.

One of the great things about living close to my home town, is being able to hop in the car and be with my family in under two hours. It's a beautiful thing! On Friday, I spent the entire day with my nephew. I named our day, Beckett and JJ's DAY OF FUN! (cue Janis from Friends)

Maybe it's the science teacher in me, but we started our DAY OF FUN with a little science experiment.

We used baking soda, vinegar, and food coloring.  BDE used the dropper and placed vinegar (with food coloring mixed in) on the baking soda. 

He loved it! He kept going and going and going....

...and we made a little mess. We had to have a wardrobe change. The vinegar and baking soda have a chemical reaction with one another. If you listen closely, you can hear the sizzzzzleee.  It was a great start to our rainy Friday morning!

Later that afternoon, we did an art project. We went on a little pirate mission to gather marbles from my Dad's (aka Grandpa's) house. We used a marble, washable paint, and a box.

My summer break has started off with a bang! First, a day of fun with my nephew. Next, a pirate party to celebrate his 3rd birthday, and yesterday I hung out at the Cardinals game! I'm a lucky gal.

Happy Birthday BDE!!



  1. Oh I love little projects like those!! Helps keep them entertained :) Love the marble and paint idea! Thanks so much for linking up with us, come back every other Monday!!

  2. So cute! And I loooooove those Andirondak chairs!! Thanks for linking up with Life Lately!

    The Weekend File

  3. Here from Life Lately. He is SO cute. Reminds me so much of my little boy actually. What an awesome aunt you are too. Happy Tuesday!


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