Friday, January 27, 2012

Stretch Your Spine

Last year, I stumbled upon 100 Scope Notes and their post about "Book Spine Poetry". The entire post was a collection of some of the best poems from the year. It's a creative take on the world of poetry.

Since my students are working hard to write poetry from their (soon to be published) hardback poetry books, I decided to throw them a little challenge and create poems from books in our classroom library.

Confused? Here's an example:

Prior to starting, I showed my kiddos the webpage full of poems. We talked how the poem's seem to revolve around a central theme and idea. I challenged my students to search our classroom high and low to put together spines of books and create a little poem of their own! I was blown away by some of their creations. Their creativity and imaginations were fantastic!

Not only were they thinking about theme, but they were also finding books upon books that haven't been discovered this year (including nonfiction!!). Plus, it didn't hurt that they had a lot of fun. The perfect activity after a weekly test.

Here's a few more that will make you giggle, think, and smile:

Happy weekend friends!


  1. You make class SO much fun for your lucky learners! Happy weekend.


  2. Very cool!!! Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Your kids did awesome! I love how they discovered new books that they would never pick up to read on there own. You inspire me!

  4. Oh my gosh I love this idea!! SO cute!!!
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